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Well we barely knew him.


Sam Hinkie didn’t take long in trading the recently acquired Jason Thompson to the Golden State Warriors. In exchange for the veteran from Rider University, the Sixers received Gerald Wallace, cash considerations, and the rights to swap first round picks.


The Sixers are trading away Thompson’s contract (about $6,500,000 this year & $7,000,000 next year [but only $3 million guaranteed]) for Wallace’s contract ($10,155,000 just for this year). In trading away Thompson, the Sixers lost about $4 million in cap space this year but gained between $3 and $7 million next season by trading away Thompson. The cash considerations can mean anything but the pick swap is a little dissatisfying.


The Sixers have the right to swap first round picks with the Warriors with two of their own picks: (1) Miami’s top-10 protected pick, & (2) OKC’s top-15 protected pick. They are two different swaps however. So if the Warriors finish with a worse record with either team, thus having a higher draft pick, the Sixers can switch the picks. But the defending champs are ready for more and even if the Thunder are elite this year, it may just mean the difference between the 29th and 26th pick. If nothing else, it’s just insurance for the lottery if for some crazy, stupid reason the Warriors miss the playoffs. This news helps recently signed Richaun Holmes get more playing time and time to develop and may mean that Carl Landry’s days with the team may be numbered.


This is a good trade for Golden State. They get a player who can contribute to the team right now (Thompson is better than Lee & Wallace) & they save another $10 in luxury tax by shedding $4 in the team’s payroll. The pick swap is the last thing on their mind as they prepare for another title run.


The question then becomes whether the extra $3 million will mean anything next season? Do the Sixers go after any free agents? Trade for a star player? Or maybe this just saves them a few bucks for next season rather than just cutting Thompson. Who knows? Hinkie continues to add onto his “Optionality” for the future.



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