His illustrious football career has seen him feature for Schalke, Eintracht Frankfurt, Bayer Leverkusen, Hannover, and St. Gallen, but Tranquillo Barnetta’s recent move to the Philadelphia Union has shocked many. Few, if at all any, expected it. It eventually happened, but speculations regarding such a high profile player joining the union would never have been counted among ordinary free bets. In their ranks now, the union boasts the acquisition of the seasoned midfielder mostly known for his speed and creativity.


There has been many recent changes to the Unions line up and now Barnetta will now officially enter the union’s register awaiting his P-1 Visa as well as the international transfer certificate (ITC). The final deals of the veteran’s signing, however, remain under wraps by both the club and league’s policy.


The gifted midfielder who featured in 22 Bundesliga appearances for Schalke last season visited Philadelphia and trained in the team to get a sense of the team as well as the city. His visit came a week prior to the sealing his move. In a week’s time, Barnetta’s signing was confirmed, excluding his future’s speculations from the platform for free betting.


Joining the Union on a free transfer, Barnetta is the latest MLS acquisition, thanks to the targeted allocation money. The allocation money gives teams the latitude to pay down a player’s wages so that he does not count as a selected player on the salary budget.


Even at thirty, Barnetta has plenty of talent left in him to thrill the union hopefuls. He was a coveted asset this summer, a gem that drew interest from several European top flight teams in Germany, Spain, and England. Barnetta’s largely impressive pedigree can be attributed to the vast experience gained in some of Europe’s elite leagues.


Barnetta’s 75 caps for his country, including in Switzerland’s last three world cup outings further add to his fine football resume. His appearances in Europe’s grandest league, the UEFA Champions League are a further testimony to his experience. Barnetta represented Schalke in 11 champions’ league matches, most remarkably in the Gelsenkirchen side’s famous victory over real Madrid at the Bernabeu.


Barnetta’s switch to the union could not have come at a better time. This summer has seen other MLS outfits bolster their squads with big names, pointing towards a bruising MLS battle. Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has joined LA Galaxy while his compatriot and former Chelsea captain Frank Lampard has signed for New York FC. The latter team has also acquired last season champions’ league finalist and midfield maestro, Andrea Pirlo. On a good day, Barnetta possesses the mettle to match such exceptional talents. The union will be lucky to have him.


Upon the signing of Barnetta, the union’s technical director Chris Albright was among the first to comment. He admitted that Barnetta’s quality will tremendously help the club in building a formidable side. He acknowledged the player’s pedigree and expressed gratitude to the player for opting for the club over other suitors. Albright also added that Barnetta’s leadership will be essential in pushing for the playoffs and the Open Cup.


If the current trend of MLS teams sourcing for experienced players from Europe continues, the future of the league looks promising. Local talents will have a lot to learn from, especially the real challenges that the future talents should use as a yardstick for their improvement. There will be no pushovers as many teams will strengthen, and no games will be free bets. Free betting on these matches will be as rare as finding a team with no household name, the caliber of Tranquillo Barnetta.


In an interview, Barnetta said that the notable growth of the MLS is one of the reasons he favored a move to the Union. The Union faithful wait to witness whether the league will provide the Swiss with a remarkable twilight to his career.


This article was written by sports writer Tony Samboras. As a big fan of soccer from all over the world Tony is always interested is the latest transfers and rumours in MLS. In his professional life he writes for a major international sports publication. Take a look at more of his work and check out his analysis of free bets.

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