Ruben Amaro Jr. may have just gotten rid of the richest source of sports radio material known to the town. Jonathan Papelbon, one of the most outspoken and filterless relievers, was traded Tuesday to Washington in exchange for Double-A right hander Nick Pivetta.

The trade was likely made easier by Sandy Alderson and the Mets, who traded for a similar player in Tyler Clippard from Oakland. The Mets traded minor leaguer Casey Mesiner, a prospect of similar caliber to Pivetta.

Papelbon’s contract obviously made this deal more difficult to make, but the two sides cleared that hurdle with Washington near-desperate to bolster the bullpen. Sources told our own Nick Mitchel earlier today that Papelbon would certainly be traded, the question being where he would go.

The former Red Sox closer was undoubtedly delighted to head to a contender like Washington. Originally, Papelbon signed in Philadelphia for a chance to contend and win a ring. Unfortunately for both him and the Phillies, that proposition didn’t come to reality.

Whether Pivetta pans out as a Major League prospect remains to be seen; however, the deal offers the certainty that Amaro is finally willing to blow up the roster that he’s tried to band-aid for the last six years.

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