Current free agent Wes Welker is beginning to gain some interest from teams as they get ready for training camp. Eagles fans have been asking whether or not the Eagles should be interested in the 5-time pro bowler. I take a look below:
Why the Eagles SHOULD sign Wes Welker:
Wes Welker has nothing short of a really productive career. Welker has lead the NFL in receptions 3 different times in 2007, 2009 and 20011. Welker is just two years removed from having an 11 touchdown season with 940 yards in 2013. He didn’t have as much success in 2014 as he was held back by having concussion issues and although he wasn’t on the field much, when he was he was still productive, catching 50 of his 66 targets (76%), per PFF.
With the Eagles losing Jeremy Maclin in free agency, it makes sense for them to add a veteran presence to the position as Jordan Matthews (23 years old) and Nelson Agholor (22 years old) will be the two starting receivers. Wes Welker fits the culture that Chip Kelly covets in a player as a guy that will leave it all on the field and do whatever it takes to win football games.
Why the Eagles SHOULD NOT sign Wes Welker:
Although Wes Welker is very good at playing inside the slot, he has little experience playing outside the numbers. Chip Kelly likes versatility in his receivers and would like to have the ability to play inside and outside, I’m not sure Welker is capable standing at 5 foot 9, 185 pounds.
Wes Welker just turned 34 in May and isn’t getting any younger. The Eagles have some very young talent at the receiver position with Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, and Josh Huff as the core. And although veteran presence can be important, it’s probably better to let the younger guys gain experience through being on the field. Welker’s best seasons are behind him and the chances he has a productive season at this stage of his career are slim.
Final Thoughts
Although Welker could be productive in the slot, adding him to the roster this late in the offseason doesn’t make much sense. Could he add some veteran presence? Sure. But the Eagles signed Miles Austin in the offseason for that. Also, the Eagles signing both DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews in the offseason means Darren Sproles is going to be seeing a lot of time in the slot this upcoming season. Don’t expect the Eagles to make the call to Welker’s agent unless an injury or two happens in camp.

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