Only ten teams cary the privileges of playing in front of a big crowd and earning massive television ratings on Christmas Day. Nevertheless, the Sixers have been brewing up a jersey design in the hopes of earning a spot on the schedule.

Conrad Bury, a jersey expert of sorts, posted this photo on Twitter recently:



The gold trip around the red base color gives the jersey an ornament-like feel. Theres practically no remnant of blue, which is the primary color on the home jerseys, as the red and gold capture the holiday better as household colors of Christmas. One could practically hang a pair of these shorts as tree decoration.

This is one of the better Christmas Day designs in recent memory, with other teams using jerseys similar to the ugly sweaters sold on If the NBA is looking to sell memorabilia and strut its stuff fashion-wise, then it would be wise to play the Sixers on December 25th. Hopefully Hinkie doesn’t say “Bah Humbug,” by making another future-oriented trade this holiday season.

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