Philadelphia Sports Nation met up with Dan Baker to talk about his Phillies, the state of Philadelphia sports, and Dan’s emergence on social media.

On his upcoming appearance at the Camden Riversharks game:

I have some experience with the league…they do a good job there. That’s a beautiful setting, right by the Benjamin Franklin bridge with the Philadelphia skyline. That’s going to be a lot of fun.

On announcing the Carpenter Cup, and seeing players like Mike Trout and Mike Piazza in high school baseball:

I love baseball, and as part of my Philleis’ PA announcing, I do the Carpenter Cup every year, which showcases the top high school baseball players in the ti-state area. I think its the biggest and best forum for players to display their skills and to be seen by Major League scouts and college coaches.

On how the unsuccessful season has affected the atmosphere and attendance:

Attendance is down considerably. Just a couple of years ago, the Phillies drew the most fans in baseball. We were averaging 45,000 a game, and right now we’re averaging 26,000 a game. It shouldn’t be a shock to anybody. If you look around baseball, at other teams, if they’re playing well, they fill the ballpark. If they’re not, they don’t.

To hear more, listen to the full interview at our PHL Sports Nation Radio section at the bottom of our homepage!



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