A recent Sports Illustrated article describing the NFL’s most hated deemed Philadelphia Eagles fans the most hated fans in the NFL.

It all started in December 1968, when those disenchanted fans of the Eagles sitting at Franklin Field decided that the best way to unleash their invective was to hurl snowballs at Frank Olivo, a 19-year-old man who stepped onto the field in a Santa Claus suit.

In 1998, the team installed a jail in the bowels of Veterans Stadium and hired a judge, the delightfully-named Seamus McCaffery, to preside over the rowdiest of an infamous bunch. And in 1999, several of Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin’s teammates were understandably distressed when they thought Eagles fans were booing the future Hall-of-Famer as he lay on the field with the neck injury that ended his career.

The Eagles have one of the most passionate fanbases in the league. The St. Louis Rams have crowd cheering tutorials. The Atlanta Falcons were just recently fined for pumping fake crowd noise into the stadium. The Dallas Cowboys need a grandiose club, tech store, and section of suites to attract anybody to AT&T Stadium.

If the Eagles ever get mocked, fined, or ripped for having fans that are “too passionate,” fine by us. This article is simply another trophy for the mantle, as Philadelphians should be proud to be hated for their relentless passion and undying obsession with their teams. “We’re from Philadelphia, we fight,” Chip Kelly stated before the team’s do-or-die 2013 finale in Dallas.

Eagles fans always fight, and they’ve been winning this battle for decades. Its no doubt they’ll keep being crowned the best fans in the league, even if they replace the word “passionate” with “hated.”

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