As the trade deadline draws near for Major League Baseball, the rumors heat up, especially here in Philadelphia. Hamels has been on the market for some time now as the Phillies look towards a rebuilding future. But does Yasiel Puig make sense for the Phillies?

Reports from Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe indicate that the Dodgers are still interested in Hamels, with speculation that Puig could be sent to Philadelphia in a deal for Hamels.

Puig is only 24 years old, with a lot of baseball left to play. Puig is an outstanding talent that could bring life to  Philadelphia right now. If Chip Kelly was managing this team, he probably would pass on this because you know “Culture Wins” and Puig isn’t necessarily a great “culture” guy. He’s quite a headache in the locker room and rumor has it that he isn’t well-liked by his teammates in LA. Something the Phillies might not want around a locker room full of young guys.

With that being said, Puig’s made a name for himself in his short time in the Majors. In 2013, Puig played 104 games with an average of .319 and hitting 19 HR and 42 RBI. Last year he played 148 games with an average of .296 and hitting  16 HR and 69 RBI. This year as he has battled through injuries his average is down a bit to .266 and he has hit just 4 HR and 18 RBI.

This would be a blockbuster deal that could help the Phillies in the long run. The Dodgers are a team that seem willing and able to take on Cole’s contract. Hamels is due to make 23.5 million per year for the next 3 years. If the Dodgers can take on some of that contract, the Phillies should get this deal done! The addition of Puig with that would be an upgrade for the Phillies. Yasiel Puig can be the centerpiece this team is missing as the franchise rebuilds.

Would you do it?


Daniel McGuigan

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