Today, John Middelton (Yes, John Middleton) announced that Andy MacPhail will become the president of the Philadelphia Phillies after this season. Meanwhile, he will help Pat Gillick as a special assistant for the rest of the 2015 season.

Middelton spoke highly of MacPhail, saying “Andy has old school experience with new age thinking.” Middleton also said Andy was the ideal candidate because he has won the World Series and has worked for several different owners.

MacPhail was extremely grateful for the opportunity, he even said he was “surprised” he was hired because he’s been out of the game for three years. MacPhail mentioned everything will be looked at for this organization, also acknowledged how important sabermetrics is to ownership. Middelton also mentioned they are in the process of launching their own sabermetrics system in September.  Patience is something we have to get used to here in Philadelphia and it was talked about it yet again in today’s press conference. MacPhail said he doesn’t have a timetable for when the Phillies will contend. Gillick said “Be patient, we will be rewarded in the long run.”

Andy spoke about the resignation of Sandberg and the amount of respect he has for him as a person. He seemed stunned as to why he left, didn’t understand what Ryno was thinking.

MacPhail was asked about why he was out for three years, simply said his contract expired and lost passion for his job while dealing with a father who was running out of time.

Pat Gillick will be helping MacPhail for the rest of the season. MacPhail stressed he needs to understand the position and figure out what/how things have changed in the game since he has been gone. He said multiple times how much the game has changed in just three years. Andy said “the baseball world has changed 2 times over.” Gillick said the hiring of Andy MacPhail was an ownership decision. Gillick also said MacPhail was an “information gatherer.” Hopefully, he will be gathering information on Ruben Amaro.

Ruben Amaro was mentioned during the presser, Gillick spoke on that saying, “Andy will use his time to get to know everything about the company. He will look at every area and draw his own opinion.”

Mackanin will be the interim manager through the homestand, there will be an update later this week. When asked about a new manager, MacPhail said “I will continue to watch and learn before looking for a new manager.”


Overall, MacPhail seems like a class guy who is eager to learn and better this organization. Andy didn’t show a lot of confidence in himself just yet, indicating he has a lot to learn but he is ready to get to work these next couple months. No sprinting with this Phillies team, it is going to be a long marathon but one that MacPhail thinks will be rewarded in the future. It’s nice to see the changes that are occurring and understanding who is doing what for this organization. Hope is something we want to have and I think today the Phillies took one step closer to where they want to be.

Here are some moves MacPhail made during his time in Baltimore:

– Acquired Adam Jones in a 5 player trade with the Mariners for Eric Bedard

– Acquired Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter from the Rangers for Koji Uehara

– Acquired J.J. Hardy in trade with the Twins

According to CSNPhilly

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