The Sacramento Kings have reportedly expressed interest in trading 24 year old superstar center Demarcus Cousins. Last year, “Boogie” averaged career highs across the board, posting 24.1 points, 12.7 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1.7 blocks per game, earning Second Team All-NBA honors and his first All-Star nod in the process. However what has warranted the sudden desire to expunge Cousins has been his chronically concerning attitude. While the 76ers do not need Cousins or any big man for the foreseeable future, getting involved in a trade of this magnitude could yield some key parts for a team trying to work its way back into contention.

It’s absurd to think the Kings would perform a straight up with the Sixers. We’re too untalented, our greatest commodity being a bunch of first and second rounders in upcoming drafts. This by no means solidifies that we can’t trade. It just means we have to play the role of a third party to other suitors and of course the Kings themselves. The Lakers, Celtics and Magic have all expressed desire for Cousins thus far. Ideally, a trade with the Celtics yields the greatest heap of talent and is the most bound to happen. The Lakers are knee deep in luxury tax and the Magic have been obstreperous in adding assets to the table.

So let’s say the Celtics do go forward with this.  The Celtics would receive Cousins from the Kings in exchange for say, reliable veteran power forward Brandon Bass and most likely a handful of draft picks. The Sixers would give Jason Richardson’s bad contract to the Kings. The Celtics would then trade Marcus Smart and Kelly Olynyk or players of the like to the Sixers to cap off the trade.

Philadelphia is in dire need of a point guard to start next year and getting someone as young, talented and cheap as Smart is too good an opportunity to pass up, even for a tightwad like Sam Hinkie. As for the rival Celtics, they could catapult to as high as the four or five seed in the East with their newest addition. The Kings would be one step closer to starting fresh, building towards the future and storing draft picks for the years to come.

Brandon Daley

My name is Brandon Daley and I'm a senior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North. Basketball is what I love. I play it, I watch it, I breathe it. Now I write it and hope you love it with the same passion that I do.

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  1. Andrew Coolen

    June 25, 2015 at 11:04 AM

    Not a bad article but in the future do a little more research. Cite specific picks don’t just say “a handful of draft picks”. Also I would make sure all the salaries and everything line up and that the trade you are proposing is even possible before you propose it.


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