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With the NBA Draft less than 72 hours away, plenty of draft rumors have been rapidly swirling around social media, with the Sixers being involved in plenty of those rumors.


The latest 76ers rumor has the team attempting to acquire an additional 1st round pick, following their 3rd overall selection. So the question becomes, “Should Sam Hinkie take some of his assets, and trade them to get another first rounder?” The easy and simple answer is yes, with a very high chance of that happening Thursday night in Brooklyn. Here are five reasons why:


1) Excess amount of draft picks 2015 & beyond.

– Besides the 3rd overall pick, the Sixers have 5 second round picks in this draft alone. Those second round picks are (35, 37, 47, 58, & 60). Beyond this year, they have the Lakers, Heat, and Thunder first round picks, as well as their own first round picks moving forward. They also have one or two second round picks each year until 2020. Their abundance of picks gives them ammunition to jump back into the first round.


2) Sam Hinkie

– The craziest night of the season for any Sixers fan under this regime is draft night. With Sam Hinkie running the show, drafts have been absolute roller coaster rides. Two years ago, Sam shocked the NBA by trading All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday for the rights to Nerlens Noel and a future first rounder. The next year, he took injured big man Joel Embiid 3rd overall. He then selected PG Elfrid Payton with the 10th pick but traded him two picks later for Dario Saric, a future first, and the 35th overall pick in this year’s draft. Hinkie maneuvers the board as much as any other GM in the NBA. When he has seen an opportunity in the draft, he has pounced on it. I don’t even think its out of the realm of impossibility for Hinkie to get another top 10 pick in the draft.


3) Draft History

– The 76ers have ended up taking two players in the first round both times under Sam Hinkie. Nerlens Noel-Michael Carter-Williams in 2013, and Joel Embiid-Dario Saric in 2014. Based on prior history, this can easily happen for a third straight year.


4) Excessive Cap Space

– There are rumors around about teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors willing to trade their first round picks (24th & 30th respectively) in order to dump veteran contracts (Brendan Haywood & David Lee). With over $30 million in cap space, Hinkie has an advantage over nearly all NBA teams. The Sixers become an easy trade partner for teams who can’t take on or sustain salaries. Another rumor is that Minnesota Timberwolves are willing to trade Anthony Bennett and the roughly $13 million owed on his contract over the next two years. It could be another Thomas Robinson situation where a former top-5 draft pick can attempt to resurrect his career in Philly.



5) Sixers Need Talent

– The most obvious reason why the 76ers could trade for an addition first round pick: they flat out need more talent. There are plenty of players who could be had late in the first round. Players such as Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, RJ Hunter, Kevon Looney, Jerian Grant, Kelly Oubre, and Bobby Portis could fall, with Hinkie jumping at the chance to add to the core.


With these five reasons, I think there is a high chance that Sam Hinkie will acquire an additional first round pick on Thursday night in Brooklyn. I hope we draft well and select the right players but at the very least, Sam Hinkie will make draft night very entertaining. #TrustTheProcess

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