Chip Kelly has raved about Bradford’s arm and decision-making, and it’s easy to agree with him. Bradford is talented, and has shown many glimpses of it in the NFL. But I don’t need to explain how scary Sam Bradford’s injury history has been. He hasn’t played in a regular season game for about a year and a half now thanks to two ACL injuries in as many years. All things considered, where does Sam Bradford rank among NFL starting QB’s right now?

NFC East

Tony Romo, Cowboys:

No comparison here. Coming off a season in which Romo threw for 34 Tds and 9 Ints and led his team to a 12-4 record, he’s got to be the best QB in the division. Romo

Eli Manning, Giants:

Two-time Super Bowl Champion/MVP. Even at 34 years old I’d still feel comfortable with Eli under center. Manning

Robert Griffin III, Redskins:

I’m taking Bradford here. I would love to see RGIII under Chip Kelly, but Griffin’s injury history is also bad and I really don’t trust his leadership coming from that mess of a locker-room in Washington.

NFC North

Aaron Rogers, Packer:

I’ll take a 46-year-old Aaron Rogers over Bradford. He’s just that good.

Matthew Stafford, Lions:

Some great weapons surround him, but you can’t deny that he is a top-10 talent at his position. Stafford.

Teddy Bridgewater, Vikings:

Bridgewater was extremely impressive in his rookie year, winning Pepsi NFL Rookie Of The Year honors. Showing more promise at a younger age than Bradford, you have to go Bridgewater here.

Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears:

Not a big Cutler fan. There’s definitely talent there, but factoring in questions about his mental toughness and the fact that he recently turned 32 and I’m taking Bradford.

NFC South

Drew Brees, Saints:

Even in what was a down year for the Saints, Brees still threw for 33 Tds and 17 Ints, as well as 4,952 yards. Brees all the way here.

Matt Ryan, Falcons:

“Matty Ice” threw for 28 Tds and 14 Ints to go with 4,600+ yards last year. Even at 30 I’m still going Ryan here.

Cam Newton, Panthers:

Have to go Newton here. Think about how awesome Cam in Chip Kelly’s offense would be to watch.

Jameis Winston, Buccaneers:

If Winston’s not acting like a clown he has the ability to be great in this league. Winston’s the clear winner here based on talent.

NFC West

Russell Wilson, Seahawks:

No debate here. Wilson.

Colin Kaepernick, 49ers:

After a rough 2014 having Kaepernick would be better than Bradford. Like Newton just imagine what Kelly could to with Kaepernick.

Nick Foles, Rams:

It’s close, but Foles wins this. Even when Foles was turning over the ball last year, he was still racking up the yards and scores. I have yet to really see that production out of Bradford.

Carson Palmer, Cardinals:

At 35 years-old, Palmer when healthy is still a quality starter. It’s very close but I’m going with the much younger Bradford here on potential and consistency.

AFC East

Tom Brady, Patriots:

Let me think about this one. Brady

Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins:

Tannehill is so underrated. Once Brady leaves he’s going to be the best in that division for a while. I’m going Tannehill.

Geno Smith, Jets:

I’d choose Bradford over Smith or any QB on that roster. A ton of talent on that team, just not at QB.

E.J Manuel/Matt Cassel, Bills:

Bradford over both. Cassel is a career backup and according to reports Manuel might not even make the 53-man roster.

AFC North

Joe Flacco, Ravens:

No debate here against this former Super Bowl MVP. Flacco

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers:

Two-time Super Bowl champion. Roethlisberger over Bradford all day.

Andy Dalton, Bengals:

Criticize him all you want, but in each of his seasons in the NFL his teams been in the playoffs, a place where Bradford’s never been. Dalton

Josh McCown/Johnny Manziel, Browns:

I’d take Bradford over both. McCown’s a journeyman and Manziel appears to be a head case.

AFC South

Andrew Luck, Colts:

Luck is the NFL’s next great quarterback. No debate here.

Marcus Mariota, Titans:

He’s still on the Eagles in all of our hearts, and probably in Chip’s dreams. Mariota over Bradford.

Blake Bortles, Jaguars:

Bortles was extremely unimpressive last year, throwing 17 Ints to only 11 Tds. Sure it was only his rookie year, but I’m sticking with Bradford.

Brian Hoyer, Texans:

Hoyer showed last season that he’s pretty mediocre as a starter in this league, managing a QB rating of 76.5 for the season with the Browns. Bradford.

AFC West

Peyton Manning, Broncos:

This mans almost 40, and he’s still one of the best QBs in the league. No competition here. Manning

Philip Rivers, Chargers:

It seems year after year he’s thrown for over 4,000 yards and 30 Tds. One of the best QBs in the NFL. Rivers

Alex Smith, Chiefs

Smith’s become one of the more consistent/dependable QBs in the league after shedding his first round bust label. Smith over Bradford.

Derek Carr, Raiders:

Carr was decent in his rookie year, but at this point Bradford has more upside compared to Carr, and is in much better position to be successful.

Out of 32 potential starting QBs, I rank Bradford 22nd. If Bradford has the year in which many project him to have in this offense and he can stay healthy, he’ll shoot right up this list. But since there’s a lot of “ifs” in this case, he stays at 22 for now. Where do you think he ranks?

Andrew Oliver

Sophomore at Temple University. Native of Exton, Pennsylvania. Writer for Eagles Nation. Lifelong Eagles fan.

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  1. Chip Kelly

    June 16, 2015 at 2:31 PM

    Bradford will be better than Foles


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