In part one I had the Eagles finishing out the first half of the year at 6-2, much like they did in 2014. Will they collapse as they did last year, or finish strong going into the playoffs?


Week 10: 1 PM vs. Dolphins

The Dolphins are always a team that seems to be overlooked. Ryan Tannehill is an extremely underrated quarterback who threw for over 4,000 yards and had a QB rating of 92 last year. Add a really good group of offensive weapons to work with, and that could create quite the matchup issue for the Eagles. The Dolphin’s D got a bit scarier with the addition of Ndamukong Suh to a D-line that already featured stud pass-rusher Cameron Wake. However, the Dolphins will be the less consistent and talented team on this Sunday at the Linc. They also have never proven to be a tough road team, especially going into a tough place like Philadelphia.

W, 30-24

Week 11: 1 PM vs. Buccaneers

This week the Eagles welcome the first overall selection of this year’s draft, Jameis Winston. When he’s not acting like a clown, Winston has all of the talent and potential you could ask for. I think he’ll struggle early on in rookie season, but start to mature and play better as the season goes on. He’ll put up some numbers against this D, but ultimately make too many dumb rookie errors to win.

W, 34-14

Week 12: 12:30 PM @ Lions

How awesome was your thanksgiving last year? There was nothing better than sitting on the couch stuffing down some dinner watching the birds beat up the Cowboys in Dallas. How sweet would it be to watch the Eagles do it again on Thanksgiving? I’m not sure about this year. While I believe the Eagles are 100% the superior team, this is just one of those games that scares me. Do you really believe in the combination of Byron Maxwell and Eric Rowe/Walter Thurmond/Brandon Boykin shutting down receivers like Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate on a short week?

L, 33-28

Week 13: 4:25 PM @ Patriots

Not the game you want to try and rebound with after a big loss. Yes, the Patriots got worse on defense this off-season. Yes, there’s a ton of controversy surrounding this team. But let me ask these questions; do you feel confident with Earl Wolff at Strong Safety against Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski? What about a second round rookie or an undersized player like Thurmond and Boykin on the outside corner opposite Maxwell? The Eagles do have young talent in the secondary, no doubt. The Seahawks have a lot more. They didn’t do so well against this team.

L, 28-24

Week 14: 1:00 PM vs. Bills

Welcome back, Shady! There’s no doubt Lesean McCoy is pretty upset about being in Buffalo. He really showed his true colors when he hinted about Chip Kelly maybe being racist. That’s the definition of class act right there. Even with Mccoy, the Bills offense does nothing to scare me. Sammy Watkins is a beast, but Percy Harvin hasn’t been relevant since 2011, when he actually played in 16 games. They currently have an absolutely disgusting QB picture, with reports coming out the E.J Manuel might not even make the team. However, add in Incognito and Rex Ryan, and you have the best candidate for HBO’s Hard Knocks I’ve ever seen. Look for the birds to rebound against this mess of a team.

W, 35-17

Week 15: 1:00 PM vs. Cardinals

Revenge time. The image of John Brown toasting Cary Williams and Nate Allen on a 75-yard game winner still haunts me. However, this time it’s mid-December in Philadelphia and it’s going to be freezing. How will the Cardinals do in this kind of weather halfway across the country? I think the Eagles defense has a coming out party this game, as Barwin, Graham and Cox victimize the Cardinals improved but mediocre o-line and force Palmer (or whoevers at QB) into making some mistakes.

W, 24-10

Week 16: 8:25 PM vs. Redskins

Like I said, I expect nothing out of the Redskins. By this time the Redskins will already have double-digit losses and someone other than RGIII will probably be at QB. Desean Jackson will probably catch a TD and obnoxiously celebrate by himself without any of his teammates around him. Other than that, I fully expect this game to go the Eagles way.

W, 42-13

Week 17: 1:00 PM @ Giants

This game is so hard to predict. Who knows if any of these teams will be playing for anything this week, or will it just be like last year with everything already secure. I think the NFC East will come down to the last week for the Eagles and Cowboys, with one team needing the other to lose to win the division. Since the Eagles have only lost one division game, all they need to do is beat the Giants to secure the division over the Cowboys. I think they do that, having a pretty good track record at the Meadowlands.

W, 28-17

There you have it, 12-4. Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But the Eagles are a talented team with a very weak schedule. This team is such an interesting team to predict because we really don’t know what it will look like. As the summer goes on we’ll start to get a better feel for that. One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely going to be interesting to watch.

Andrew Oliver

Sophomore at Temple University. Native of Exton, Pennsylvania. Writer for Eagles Nation. Lifelong Eagles fan.

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  1. Tommy ferrari

    May 18, 2015 at 3:51 PM

    Wow, as we say in the biz, another slam dunk by the slam dunker himself! Well done! Huzah!


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