PHL Sports Nation is taking to the airwaves!

PHL Sports Nation will be broadcasting periodic podcasts, streamed on BlogTalk Radio. New staff writer Julian Bravo will lead a podcast discussing the latest in Philly sports news and issues, airing weekly during the season and twice a month in the offseason. The podcast will feature a section where callers can call in and offer their own insight on the discussions.

The podcast will be a live feed, and will allow for callers to call in and discuss Philly Sports with Bravo. Additionally, the podcast will feature monthly guests, potentially including Synergy Sports agent Gary Glick, Phillies PA announcer Dan Baker, and others.

The first edition of the podcast will be live on Tuesday, June 9th at 5:30 PM ET. You can follow our BlogTalk Radio page, PHL Sports Nation Radio, here, and call in at 347-215-6966.

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