Just when you thought Chip Kelly had done enough…

Shortly after the league year started at 4 PM on March 10th, King Chip pulled what many called a head scratching move and traded Nick Foles and a decent amount of picks for Sam Bradford and a few conditional picks. A gamble to say the least, but nevertheless a headline-grabbing move.

A few days later, Chip snagged one of the best running backs in the NFL in DeMarco Murrary away from the hated Cowboys, giving way to more huge headlines. Who could forget the trade of the Eagles all-time rusher LeSean McCoy for a stud (and possibly injury-prone) linebacker in Kiko Alonso?

Enter Tim Tebow?

​Tebow’s resume at a glance is extremely impressive. He was the God of College Football. He is a former NFL starter at Quarterback with playoff experience and a victory. But then you go into that stats, and things really start looking ugly. According to NFL.com, over Tebow’s career he’s thrown 17 TDS and 9 Ints, which isn’t horrible. However the stat that really stands out to me is his completion percentage of 47.9%. Yikes. That statjust screams out the fact that Tebow is wildly inaccurate. Something that a stat won’t dhow is the circus that Tebow will bring to town. Can you imagine the mass media that will invade the Nova Care Complex to listen to Tebow say how excited he is to play in Chip Kelly’s offense? I don’t even want to think about the Tebow memorabilia being sold at your local Modell’s.

​However, let’s ignore all of that and think about how Tebow could help the Eagles. On the field, let’s hope not at all. Assuming the Eagles find a trade partner for Matt Barkley, Tebow would be the number three quarterback. Usually when a third string QB becomes a full-time starter, the season is in a lot of trouble. However, for the sake of entertainment, let’s assume Bradford and Sanchez go down. The Eagles would have to play an “Inside Out” passing attack, which at this point in the off-season would suit them well. With a good duo of Tight Ends in Brent Celek and Zach Ertz, Tebow would only have to throw simple, short pass of 10 yards or less. To stretch the defense to the outside Chip could call screens with the dynamic backfield he’s assembled. Let’s not forget about the read-option, which would be the bread and butter of this offense with Tebow in the game. With a career average of 5 yards per carry, one would imagine that this would work quite well with the combination of DeMarco Murray and Tebow.

​Off the field, the Eagles would unquestionably be adding a great person into their locker room. Even though Tebow has been noted as fierce competitor, I’m sure he would honor his role as a backup and be good influence to the guys in front of him. He already has chemistry with Mark Sanchez with the Jetsback in 2012. Granted that turned out to be a disaster, so who knows about that situation? Then there’s the fact that both Bradford and Tebow were drafted in the same class, so there has got to be some familiarity there. It would be also be pretty awesome to see Tebow going around helping the community, as the Eagles already have a strong presence there.

​However, I really don’t think this is what’s best for the Eagles. Matt Barkley is a much cheaper, less distracting option at QB3. Yes, he was terrible in his playing time in 2013. But I think there’s potential in him as a backup QB. He really had no business being in those games as a rookie drafted in the fourth round. With time and experience, I think he can be a capable second option for the Eagles. It’s also worth noting that he remains to this day the only quarterback Chip Kelly has ever drafted.

​With all of that said, there’s no way to rule Tebowout. Chip has taken risks again and again during his pro career, sometimes with success and sometimes with failures. It’s not like the Eagles haven’t done something like this before. Remember Michael Vick back in 2009? The signing that sent shockwaves throughout the NFL? That ended up being relatively successful, with a short playoff run and some pretty incredible highlights. Maybe Tebow-Mania can bring some more of that to the city of Brotherly Love. It also would be kind of awesome watching Skip Bayless’ reaction when he sees Tim Tebow and DeMarco Murrary suit up in Eagle green.



Andrew Oliver

Sophomore at Temple University. Native of Exton, Pennsylvania. Writer for Eagles Nation. Lifelong Eagles fan.

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