The 2015 season is underway, and optimism isn’t exactly flowing in Philadelphia. Many people predict this to be a down season, and several trades could be in the mix throughout the year. With that being said, the starting rotation is headlined by a true ace, and maybe another guy or 2 can be surprising. Here is a closer look at the rotation right now for them.

Cole Hamels has been a pretty special left-handed pitcher in the majors for a few years. He is one of the most valuable guys in daily fantasy baseball because he can contribute in so many different categories. With Cliff Lee currently out with an injury, he is the clear-cut ace of the pitching staff. Getting help is something that he will be looking for throughout the year.

Aaron Harang and Jerome Williams are veteran arms who know how to eat innings. They might not be high draft picks in daily fantasy sports, but they do know how to provide a decent amount of value. They are looking to pretty much bridge the gap between Hamels and all the youngsters on the roster. If they can go out and pitch about 6 innings every 5 days, Philadelphia will be satisfied.

Rounding out the rotation right now are David Buchanan and Ryan O’Sullivan. These 2 young arms have the best chance at putting something together and showing some promise for Philadelphia. Buchanan is the more experienced guy, and he actually put him decent numbers in 2014 in 20 starts for the Phillies. They are rolling the dice with O’Sullivan, but he could easily find himself in the bullpen by the middle of the year.

Lee is out for at least a couple of months, and there is of course a chance that he does not pitch at all in 2015. If he does return, the staff gets a little bit better. However, Philadelphia is getting used to having just one ace left-handed pitcher on their staff.



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