On Friday March 6th, 2015 a vine of Joel Embiid throwing down a between the legs dunk before the Sixers game against the Jazz went viral on twitter. Everyone got a glimpse of the insane athleticism Joel Embiid possesses for a 7 footer, a sign that he is getting back to full strength, and a reminder that the lowly Sixers have a potential franchise changing player on their bench getting better everyday.

Every sports related network, company, and analyst were tweeting out the dunk themselves for all of Twitter to see. Comparisons started popping up, questions like “who will be better in 5 years, Anthony Davis or Joel Embiid?” Then followed by statements like:

The Sixers ended up losing that game against the Jazz 89-83 when a long 4th quarter scoring draught sealed their fate. The Sixers then had to turn around and play the best team in the NBA the next night. While the Sixers won 91-84 (Can Kentucky beat the Hawks?) Joel Embiid did not go through his usual pre-game workout. Unlike the between the legs dunk, this went virtually unnoticed by the sports world, even by the most involved Sixers writers.

The next day some rumors started swirling about Joel Embiid being back in a boot after not having to wear one for a couple months. These were very limited and not even worth mentioning at the time. Until today came, and the rumors became facts:

Once a few Sixers writers found out that the rumors were confirmed they hopped all over it. The one problem was the story didn’t make much sense, why would someone need a boot for protection when they’ve gone months without one? After a little more digging around they found the answer they were looking for:

The outpouring of worry started immediately, don’t believe me? Go look at the responses to that tweet. Everyone immediately feared the worst, that we’re going to have to deal with another Andrew Bynum situation. Luckily for the Sixers this wasn’t a freak bowling accident, it was just a minor setback on a long road to recovery. The Sixers are sitting Embiid, and sat Nerlens, so that they’d never go through a Bynum situation again. They allow these young, athletic 20 year olds a whole year to worry about nothing but rehabbing, getting fully healthy, and ready for next season. A minor setback only means if you had a dream of Embiid coming in and playing a few games this year, it was only and will only ever be a dream. Embiid is still on pace to be 100% ready to go for all of next years festivities and that’s what Sixers fans should really be focused on. Together We Build, This Starts Now.

Embiid is set to meet with his doctor in Los Angeles for final say of how much the setback should effect his time table.


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