Eagles fans eagerly awaited 4 PM to arrive Tuesday, and upon the minute hand striking 12, the Eagles stuck their necks on the guillotine.

The Philadelphia Eagles have traded quarterback Nick Foles to the Rams for quarterback Sam Bradford. In supplement, the Eagles have sent a 2015 4th-round pick and a 2016 2nd-round pick, and will receive a Rams 5th-round pick, and a conditional 2016 3rd or 4th-round pick, which serves as injury insurance.

The trade could mean one of two things. The first possibility is that Kelly plans to move Sam Bradford in another deal in an attempt to acquire Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota in the draft. A few reports have surfaced that this move is part of a three-team deal, or another trade on draft night. This would explain the conditional pick: if Bradford is traded, he cannot start, and will receive the 3rd-round pick next year. The three-team possibility would make the lopsided nature of the trade logical, as the third team would presumably send compensation to the Eagles, and receive assets from the Rams. The trade assumes Bradford is more valuable than Foles, but if a third team is involved, the Eagles have not yet gotten the intended return by dealing Foles and these picks.

The other possibility is that Bradford is in fact Kelly’s guy at quarterback. Bradford worked with current Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, and would feel familiar with his former coach. Bradford has equal mobility to backup quarterback Mark Sanchez: both ran a 4.9 40-yard dash at their combines. The Eagles also wouldn’t have spent more to acquire Bradford if they didn’t value him as a starting-caliber quarterback, and one that is more capable than Nick Foles. The former Oklahoma Sooner has one year left on his contract, and is owed a massive $12.9 million, another possible stumbling block in shipping Bradford elsewhere.

Hopefully, Bradford records as many rushing yards as Frank Gore did in his short tenure as an Eagle. More to come

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