With rumors swirling around a Michael Carter-Williams trade, many fans have expressed their opinion about the topic. Here are five reasons why Michael Carter-Williams will only get better, and could be an asset in the long stretch for the Philadelphia 76ers:

He’s won’t be relied on to score as the Sixers improve

Coming out of college, MCW averaged a mere 10 shots a game. He wasn’t relied on to score and played mostly as an effective role player. On the Sixers this year, he’s averaging 15 shots per game. The Sixers are relying on him a lot more to step up and carry the team offensively. This was never his role at Syracuse (11 points per game), and is definitely something new that he is growing in to. In years to come, as the team gets better, the Sixers will not have to rely on him as much. This will take a lot of burden off of his back to score and allow other parts of this game to unleash.

He’s only 23

There isn’t much to say. The number speaks for itself. Michael Carter-Williams has a lot of room and time to grow. He has already been asked to step up and be the leader of the Sixers at such a young age. Therefore, I don’t seem his skill going anywhere but up.

He is a fantastic defensive player

Throughout college, and coming into the pros, Michael Carter-Williams was described as a strong defender. Before the NBA draft in 2013, nbadraftnet.com said “Defensively, his length allows him to create turnovers at a high rate… Ignites the fast break, finding streaking teammates for easy dunks, trailing shooters, or finishes at the rim on his own, MCW can be a handful for opposing defenders.” This shows how successful and contagious MCW’s defense was throughout his college career. As he moves on with the Sixers, he won’t be expected to score so much. He will be able to sink back into the role as a defensive stopper and team player.

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His athletic ability and height will never diminish

MCW has extraordinary length and height for a point guard. With a gigantic stature of 6’6 and wingspan of 6’7, he might as well be a small forward. His length allows him to see over defenders, jump in front of passing lanes, and rebound at a high rate. This is what makes him such an impressive player. He can do everything thanks to his size. In comparison to other point guards, he has a body that is once in a blue moon.

Future improvement on shooting

Over his NBA and college career, Michael Carter-Williams has significantly struggled shooting the three ball. Over the past season and a half, he has averaged an abysmal 26% from beyond the arc. The good thing? Shooting is easy to fix. As he grows and works more, MCW will improve his shot. His height and athletic ability are two things that can’t change. Those are natural gifts. His shooting stroke is something he can easily fix with more work.


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Benjamin Simon

Junior at Science Leadership Academy and Sixers analyst for Philly Sports Nation.

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