On Thursday, the Philadelphia Eagles announced that Ed Marynowitz was promoted to Vice President of Player Personnel. After a highly-publicized power struggle, the Eagles sorted through many candidates across the NFL, and decided to hand the reigns to young Marynowitz.

But are these the reigns of a healthy stag, with Marynowitz having significant jurisdiction over personnel, or a meager mule, with Marynowitz serving as Chip Kelly’s minion? Based on his credentials, and the circumstance of the hire, Marynowitz seems to have taken over a hose somewhere in the middle.

Marynowitz has earned respect from his NFL peers due to his prestigious background Marynowitz worked alongside head coach Nick Saban at Alabama, serving as the Director of Player Personnel. Marynowitz received praise for organizing five well-rated recruiting classes for the Crimson Tide.

Prior to working with Saban, Mayynowitz spent time in pro scouting under Bill Parcells in Miami for a year, and returned to the NFL in 2012 with the Eagles. Over time, he has garnered league-wide respect, which could prove extremely useful in negotiating trades. One of the criticisms with Howie Roseman was that other general managers found him hard to work with, something that may have impeded possible deals.

Marynowitz offered this statement following his hiring:

We intend to build a collaborative and competitive work environment with our coaches, one built upon trust and respect with a focus on winning. I have had a great experience working with Chip over the last two years and the opportunity to work with him in this new capacity is one I look forward to.

Our goal as a personnel department will be to develop a detailed process to maximize each segment of the scouting calendar in order to support and execute Chip’s vision.

Based on the emphasis on creating a process “to support Chip’s vision,” all signs point to Marynowitz serving as a “yes-man” to head coach Chip Kelly. This could be the most detrimental during the draft process, as Marynowitz’ talent evaluations may be overridden by Chip Kelly’s own initiatives. Considering Kelly’s reported involvement in drafting questionably in LB Marcus Smith, DE Taylor Hart, and S Ed Reynolds, Marynowitz needs to take charge to some extent on draft night.

Based on credentials, Marynowitz should be trusted with significant player responsibility. Based on his time serving at a lower-level position in Philadelphia, Marynowitz may end up reporting to Kelly as a boss. Only time will tell if these changes transfer to success on the field.

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