Full disclosure here: As I write this, the most recent game is still very raw with me. So, if people feel I am being too harsh, well, so be it. But, you all saw the same thing I saw. And, I”m getting ready to call some people on it.
First, Bradley Fletcher just gave up another 50 yard plus catch to (insert your favorite wide receiver here). What in the heck were the Eagles thinking here? This guy got absolutely torched by Dez Bryant last Sunday. He showed absolutely no heart, no pride, and no backbone. He just turned, and started to chase Bryant, rather than try to jam, or even hold him. Yet, even after that debacle of coverage, the team felt it safe to put him on former Eagle DeSean Jackson. Yeah, that seems like a good idea, doesn”t it? And, before I change paragraphs, Fletcher has again given up another long gain.
Second, what was that pay-calling there? Not one soul on the Redskin defense could cover Zach Ertz. Nobody. Yet, on a 3rd-and-short, they throw somewhere else, and get it picked off? What????? I mean, you really cannot tell me that the play was designed to go where the ball went. Mark Sanchez gagged when the moment was the biggest.
Three weeks ago, after the home loss dgfev online casino to Seattle, everyone said “Oh, just wait. We have time. We have Dallas coming here, and we pounded them at their place. We”ll be OK”. Then, after the Dallas game, it was “Oh, just wait, we have an easier schedule, and Dallas still has to play a very casino online tough Colts team. We”ll be OK”. Now, this team is out of time. Their season is basically over. And, to me, when they needed it most, when they needed their team leader, their coach, to provide a spark, he just stood there, looking almost dumbfounded. No fire. No drive. No desire. No heart.
If I”m Jeffrey Lurie, and again, remember, the game is still very raw with me, no one is safe, starting tonight. Fletcher is cut, before the train gets back to Philadelphia. Sanchez is cut not too much longer after that. And Kelly himself is gone, as well. I give him a big check, to take his no-emotion, no leadership, wilt-when-the-lights-are-brightest style, and just tell him to go away. Don”t believe me? Look at his track record. Against Auburn, when he was at Oregon, what happened? He lost. In the playoffs last year, against New Orleans? Loss. And, now, a 3-game losing streak, that has more or less ended the team”s season. The late George Stienbrenner would have nothing on the bloodletting I”d do when I walked in the office later tonight.
And, before I let him off the hook, Cody Parkey? You”re gone, too. If you”re hurt, you”re hurt. Let me know, and I”ll go sign a kicker off the streets. Plenty of those guys are sitting around, looking for work.
A season that started with so much promise has turned into so much failure. The early season losses at San Francisco (winnable) and Arizona (winnable) have helped contribute to the team not being able to withstand this slide. It”s time to start looking towards next season. I”ll never jump off the team”s bandwagon. I”m just really disappointed with the driver, and how he was unable to keep it from going right into a ditch this season.

Fly, Eagles……Fly!!!!!!

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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