The Eagles came out in all black. They even painted their end zones black. The division was ready to be put away with a strong showing against the defending champion Seahawks. But, a funny thing happened on the way to Sunday.

Ironically enough, the city of Seattle’s nickname is “The Emerald City”. I say this because the Eagles played yesterday’s game, on the offensive side, anyway, with no heart, and no courage. LeSean McCoy had no room to work. Darren Sproles couldn’t create any mismatches. And, Mark Sanchez, who looked like a genius a few weeks ago against Carolina, looked timid and lost against Seattle. Now, granted, this was a much tougher defense he was facing. But still, for him to not even break 100 yards passing, and even roll over, when he could have had a first down on a running play, just highlighted all that went wrong yesterday.

I could sit here and rail against officiating. I could say that things were called one way, and conveniently missed another way (ineligible lineman downfield comes to mind). But, complaining about the officials is certainly an exercise in futility. How about the play where they threw a flag because the umpire wasn’t ready for the snap on a punt? Then, get in position, old man!

Instead, I’ll bemoan a complete lack of offense. I’ll call yesterday’s game just what the Super Bowl from last year was: Seattle came in, imposed their will early, and the other team basically rolled over, and played dead. 3rd-and-8…….let’s throw it to Riley Cooper on a 4-yard drag pattern. 3rd down, with a man open, let’s overthrow him, because Sanchez is afraid of being hit again. Force Marshawn Lynch to fumble, and create a turnover? Let’s give it right back to them, overthrowing Zach Ertz.

The defense showed they came to play. Fletcher Cox, Connor Barwin, Trent Cole, Mychael Kendricks, even Casey Matthews……all of them deserved better than this. They were on the field for far too long. Malcolm Jenkins had a chance to make a play, but dropped the ball. If Jenkins makes that play, it’s a totally different game, with momentum on the Eagles’ side. But, as it went, it was a drop, and the end result was what it was.

So, what now? No need crying over this game. It’s over. It cannot be changed. The team has to concentrate on next week, on a Dallas team that will be looking to come in, and exact revenge for the Thanksgiving beating the Eagles gave them in Arlington. Concentrate on that game. Seattle is over.

Three games left to decide the division. And, the Eagles have all of the NFC East in front of them the next three weeks. 9-4 is not a bad record. But, with the way the NFC is playing out, 11-5 might be on the outside, looking in, come playoff time. It’s time to step back, take a deep breath, and come back together, all on the same page, for Dallas. It starts now!

Fly, Eagles Fly!

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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