John Feinstien wrote a book, titled “Next Man Up”. It was about the season he spent, embedded with the Baltimore Ravens, and all that it entailed. It was a great read, and a really close look inside what happens on Monday through Saturday during the course of an NFL season. If one is looking for a detailed description, I’d certainly recommend the book.

And now, in the wake of the extremely expensive win for the Eagles in Houston, it’s going to be “next man up”. And, of course, as the saying goes, “everything is bigger in Texas”, the price of the win could not have been higher. Foles: out, possibly till the end of the season. Ryans: done for the year. Herremans: done for the year. A high price to pay, indeed, especially for a team looking to keep a solid O-line.

Mark Sanchez now takes over, full-time. You all remember the last time he was a starter. He was the one that Jets head coach Rex Ryan left in too long in an exhibition game, to get his shoulder damaged, so he could place him on IR. He was also the man behind the infamous butt-fumble. That’s all in the past.

Sanchez didn’t look bad against Houston. Granted, Houston’s secondary is filled with Pro Bowl players, still, Sanchez guided the team without having the benefit of first-team reps. Now, he comes into a game, with the benefit of a full week of practice, and the benefit of the return of Evan Mathis. So far, things are going in his favor.

Before people panic, let’s take this one game at a time. With the Packers on the horizon, plus two meetings to go with Dallas, and a home date against the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks, it remains to be seen if Sanchez can keep things pointed in the right direction before Foles returns. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers had the same injury last season, and he returned in Week 17 to lead his team to the playoffs.

Let’s not forget, Sanchez once took the Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship games. He had some talent around him then. As his time in New York progressed, the talent around him waned, and he took the blame. This time, Sanchez has weapons. He has LeSean McCoy. He has Zach Ertz and Brent Celek. He has Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, and Jordan Matthews. Weapons, that make this Chip Kelly offense work.

With a new trigger-man at the helm, let’s all see how Sanchez does. Is he truly the “Sanchise”, as some people once dubbed him, or, is it time to start looking at the 2015 Draft. I believe he’ll do fine.

Fly Eagles Fly!

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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