In the hit television series Breaking Bad, sketchy lawyer Saul Goodman offers a backstreet means to “reset” the lives of criminals running from the law. All their information disappears, and they live a completely new life as if their former selves never existed.

For Mark Sanchez, Saul Goodman’s colossal hourly fee was well worth his fresh start. Brandon Gowton os SB Nation agrees Sanchez was wise to leave the New York Jets dumpster fire situation:

There’s reason for optimism, since Sanchez didn’t have a great supporting cast around him. Really big names, but not big talent at wide receiver. Offensive line would be questionable, Running game not there. Coaching staff definitely not there, since Rex Ryan is really a defensive guy.

As Sanchez prepares to take a seat at the Eagles’ offensive dinner table, he will find the spread has a lot more variety than the one Nick Foles consumed. “It definitely wasn’t ideal for him. Even LeSean McCoy was struggling early on, and he didn’t look like the same LeSean McCoy we saw last year,” Gowton said. The weak running game forced Chip Kelly to throw the ball more, causing Foles’ average throws per game to rise by 14 from a year ago.

Though Foles didn’t have the greatest condiments to his meal, he certainly underperformed following his Pro Bowl season in 2013. Entering wee nine action, Foles led the NFL with 13 turnovers. “He’s gotta carry out his end of the bargain, and for most of the season he didn’t do that,” Gowton acknowledged.

Gowton had an update on the recent report regarding the Eagles’ stance on Foles, saying, “They’re not very sold on Foles moving forward. Now, he’s going to be under contract for next year, so I fully expect him to be with the Eagles.”

While Foles nibbled on a raw, mushy offensive line and a tasteless running game, Sanchez will be able to consume sugar and spice at the helm of a rejuvenated offense. “You have this revamped offensive line, and they should be able to run the ball the way they did against the Texans,” Gowton explained, ““I think he has a really good chance of succeeding here moving forward.”

Whereas in previous seasons where fans have lost hope when a backup enters, Philadelphians mustn’t lose sight of a deep playoff run. “Everything he’s working with now is clearly a big upgrade than what he had in New York. He was the quarterback during those Jets playoff runs, so obviously he’s proved that he can get into the playoffs, but deeper into the playoffs,” Gowton noted. With an opportunistic defense—they have created at least one takeaway in each of their last 19 games—and a deadly special teams, the Eagles have plenty of firepower to overcome any struggles Sanchez may face.

As the Eagles enter the second half of the schedule, a new season seems to have begun. The “Sanchise” may well show itself this winer.

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