After a mini-controversy lighting sparks this week, wide receiver Josh Huff should be let fly having fully recovered from a shoulder injury. Huff, a former Oregon Duck, could be key to curing the offensive virus affecting the Eagles of late.

Though Huff only had one catch this preseason, the current lack of production from the receiver spot warrants Huff’s use. Having run a 4.5 forty-yard dash, Huff exhibits similar characteristics to Jeremy Maclin. With Riley Cooper dropping passes left and right, Huff is sure to get some snaps opposite Maclin. In the San Francisco game, the Eagles sent Maclin and Cooper deep on several occasions to pop the top off of the aggressive defensive scheme. A Rams defense that hash’t stopped the run at all this year will likely employ the same game plan as their division rivals.

If the Rams play with eight men in the box, the Eagles need to continue to take deep shots. After a week of inconsistency, Nick Foles will have toiled with his mechanics and corrected his mistakes. Foles typically plays exceptionally after losses, and the third-year quarterback is likely to put some balls up for his receivers to grab deep. Cooper has proven he can’t consistently bring down the deep pass, and deserves to be on the sideline in favor of Huff. Nolan Nawrocki of lauded Huff’s build and strength in his draft profile:

Good speed and a fluid stride. Soft, quick hands to extend and snatch throws off his frame. Makes contested grabs…Settles in zone pockets. Creates after the catch — competitive, elusive and strong.

Huff also possesses home run ability, having averaged 18.4 yards per catch as a senior. Nawrocki points out Huff’s ability to settle in zone pockets, something Jordan Matthews has also shown. Able to “snatch throws off his frame,” Huff will be able to compete consistently for the deep pass, and likely haul it in.

By connecting on one of these long passes early, the Eagles will be able to push the Rams defense back. Running lanes are bound to appear for LeSean McCoy, who will be out with a point to prove. One or two big plays later, defenses will be on their back foot and at the mercy of the Eagle offense.

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