From the last few weeks in the league, with all of the actions that have taken place off the field, the spotlight has been taken away a bit from the league’s main product: the games. People all want to know who knew what and when; who had a certain tape, who signed for it, why couldn’t the league get it at first, etcetera and so forth.

As I mentioned before, however the business of the league must go on and in the process, during the games, we’ve seen a few things:

  • We’ve seen Cleveland look surprisingly tough.
  • We’ve seen Buffalo get off to a great start
  • We’ve seen RG3 get injured, once again.

But, through all of the headlines, the quietest one has to be Chip Kelly’s team and their 3-0 start.

After the Eagles’ Opening Day win over Jacksonville, the stage was set for a Monday Night showdown with Indianapolis, a match-up of two play-off teams from last year. As that game went back and forth, the Eagles found a way, yet again, to come away with a victory. It led them right up to Sunday, and a division match-up with the Redskins, and a match-up with former Eagle, DeSean Jackson.
In that game, we saw Jackson show out, both in performance and in attitude. We saw Nick Foles take a heck of a hit after throwing an interception, on a ball that clearly hit the ground, but I digress. We saw Jason Peters get ejected from the game, defending his quarterback. Basically, what it all boils down to, in simple terms, is wwe have seen that, in three games, this is a team in every sense of the word.
There are no cliques on this team. It’s truly 53 men, all working towards one common goal. You don’t see people complaining about who is getting more touches, who is getting more reps, who’s number is getting called in the red zone, and who is the most important person on the team.
This is a team that has focus. It has a purpose. All 32 teams in the league begin the season with one goal in mind: the Super Bowl. This is a team that has shown to the rest of the league that it can overcome odds, overcome deficits, and overcome key injuries. It has depth. It has moxie. It’s taking on the attitude of its town. Gritty. Tough. And one that always finds a way, no matter the odds.
It sets up for an interesting pairing this weekend, to be sure. The 49ers come into the game, having been embarrassed by Arizona. They are depleted at certain spots. And certainly, conditioning will come into play, despite the objections of Cary Williams.
So, continue to make noise, Eagles. Stack up wins. Run away with the division. Return to the playoffs, and make your mark. I, for one, am very excited. If you do not know, I am an Eagles fan living in Texas aka Cowboys territory and it has its ups and downs. Recently, it has been all ups. I love it. I love rocking the Eagles green at work and around town. While being a military instructor, I also especially love having the NFC East standings on my board. It reminds my classes of who is in first place.

The Eagles.


Fly Eagles fly!

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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