From his bizarre play calls to his mad-scientist nutrition policy, Chip Kelly is the most unorthodox to enter the NFL in the modern era. He even caters his offense to the beliefs of America’s founding fathers.

“We are an equal-opportunity offense. We’ll look to exploit whatever match ups we’re given.”

While Kelly seems to idolize the great Alexander Hamilton, his offensive strategy is one that leads to its success. The framers felt that giving equal economic opportunity appeased people with the liberty to become whatever they want, as well as the right to be successful. Subsequently, the policy allows the cream of the crop to rise and overtake the economic industry.

Similarly, Chip Kelly allows each weapon in the offense to get open by matching him up with the best possible opponent. If the player can get open, Kelly and Foles will find him. However, the stronger threats that can contribute most will continue to get the ball. This is why LeSean McCoy and Zach Ertz have gotten the ball so often: McCoy is a Pro Bowl running back, and Ertz has matched up with some of the weakest linebackers in the NFL. More importantly, this illustrates why Darren Sproles has had such a massive impact on the offense:

“I think Sproles can keep up touches pace. The misconception exists that he’s small, as he’s really well put together. He’s probably the most fit guy on the team.”

This notion confirms the fact that fans shouldn’t be alarmed with the lack of receiver production. Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, and Jordan Matthews have underwhelmed thus far. However, Kelly has enough weapons that his equal-opportunity offense will create an opening, regardless of what position. Even is Maclin, Cooper, and Matthews perform this poorly for the near future, the team will be able to score through its armory of weapons.

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