In light of what has happened in recent days in the league, it seems a bit trivial to be concerned with matters of team business. But, it IS a business, and it must move forward. What has happened, that made shockwaves throughout the league shouldn’t put a damper on what was otherwise, an extremely entertaining Sunday of games.
I’ll be honest. I was about to miss the kickoff. My church has a new minister, and he went a little long, in his inaugural sermon. But, thanks to the magic of XM, I had Merrill Reese take me through pre-game, and the first part of the game. And, when he said “….and this is certainly not the way the Eagles hoped today would go”, I had to push away from the table. This just wasn’t right. I mean, Jacksonville? Really?
But, in the end, sanity and sense prevailed. The Eagles came out in the second half, and, well, we all saw what happened. Darren Sproles, Jeremy Maclin, Zack Ertz, Fletcher Cox……..everyone got in on the act, in leading the Eagles to an Opening Day victory. But, it certainly did not come without a price.
Evan Mathis is out. Allen Barbre is done for the year. Lane Johnson still has three more games to go on his suspension. And the guys that were signed this week to step in? Ever wonder WHY they were available in the first place? TLC said it best when they sang about not wanting any scrubs, but, at this point, you take what you can get.
So now, the team travels to Indianapolis. The Colts were absolutely undressed by Peyton Manning in Week 1. Can Nick Foles do the same? Can the Eagles keep the momentum of a tremendous second half from Sunday? And, don’t think the Colts are just going to lie down. They know, as we all do, that falling to 0-2 leaves you in a deep hole. Their quarterback, Andrew Luck, somehow wills his teams to wins in Lucas Oil Stadium (see: Playoffs vs. Kansas City). So, certainly, the Eagles have their work to do. And, with the rest of the division all losing on Sunday, jumping out to an early division lead will be a huge morale boost, to be sure.
So, to the Eagles coaching staff, I simply say this: Whatever your game plan was to open Sunday’s game, please, leave that at home this week. Take the second half’s plan, and run with it as far as it will take you. Bury Indy early. Take advantage of a Robert Mathis-less Colts defense, and bring home a win for the good guys.

Fly, Eagles…….Fly!!!!!

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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