Ever since the mild Jacksonville night set the stage for one of the most devastating Eagles’ losses ever, fans have come to accept variousĀ conspiraciesā€”from oneĀ source or anotherā€”regarding the legitimacy of Belichick’s men.

From “spygate” to the shear brilliance of the Patriot offense, perceptions have placed a gray cloud over Foxboro, Massachusetts. Raj Vaidya of Foxboro Blog caught up with Philadelphia SPorts Nation to ofer his thoughts on Philly perceptions.

On whether the spygate claims have legitimacy, and if the Patriots have appeared to be missing a step these past few years since the allegations.

People will always say that because of spygate, the Patriots cheated and won their super bowls. To me, as a fan I will say it’s wrong because after getting caught, they almost had an undefeated season. So I doubt there was any involvement in all the Patriots’ super bowl wins, including the one against Philly. Others will say the exact opposite, so as a neutral person with a practical mind, I feel we will never know because it’s not something provable. Many theories will be introduced but in the end, it’s nothing but an unsolvable conspiracy.

On whether the Eagles can compete with powerhouse offenses like New England this year, and in the near future:

Yes the Eagles can compete with a team like the Patriots. Chip Kelly is all about an offense-first approach and that always allows a team to compete. Foles will be a great QB, Maclin and Cooper will have bigger roles at WR, and McCoy is going into this season as one of the best RBs. They also have a steady defense, though I feel it does need a few more pieces. Nonetheless, they can compete with a team like the Pats for sure.

Though the two teams don’t play this year, Eagles fans can only hope that the football gods set deja vu in motion. Another mild night like the one in Jacksonville may produce another result. No cameras: just football.

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