Often times a name, brand, or image can trigger a knee-jerk reaction of the financial variety. These impulse purchases can appease the mind for a certain period of time, but will haunt and eat at a buyers’ financial conscience for days, months, and even years to come.

Should the Eagles invest in the declining Andre Johnson, their collective wallet will be feeling the recoil for seasons down the road.

Of course, Johnson was one of the most prolific receivers the last five or six seasons. His size, speed, and strength can only be rivaled by “Megatron” and Larry Fitzgerald, who also terrorize defenses in historic fashion.

In 2013, Johnson started all 16 games and caught a whopping 109 passes. He amassed 1,407 yards and scored five touchdowns. So why on Earth should the Eagles steer clear of this prolific playmaker?

The same reasons DeSean Jackson now wears burgundy.

Johnson’s contract appears to be as burdensome as Patrick Chung’s 2013 salary: excessive. Johnson would pose a 14 million-dollar cap hit next year, 16.5 in 2015, and back to 14 in 2016.
For an aging receiver that, to an extent, relies on speed, age is a defender no player can overcome. Similarly, DeSean Jackson’s cap hit sat at around 12.5 million dollars, a number that constricts transaction flexibility for Howie Roseman.

Secondly, character issues will accompany Johnson when he arrives to Philly. The fact that he is leaving a team on the rise reveals impatience, and a greed that goes beyond a desire to win. Johnson has complained similarly in the past, yet has done nothing to further the development of new quarterback Tom Savage, or assist his fellow receivers to inspire success. Instead, he wishes to jump ship and resurrect his own image on a winner. Jackson also showed signs of selfishness and narcissism, evident in his sideline spout after Nick Foles’ interception in Minnesota.

Johnson would be a sour grape Chip Kelly would prefer to leave off the plate. Johnson will not be an Eagle, and Philadelphia will be better for it.

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