The Cleveland Cavaliers have sent statisticians to their coffins after securing the top selection in the NBA Draft for the third time in four years. After winning the lottery with 2.8% odds in 2011, Cleveland repeated in 2013(albeit with a more likely chance at 15.6%). Tuesday night, they pulled a four-year hat trick, stealing the top selection with 1.7% odds.

The probability of the Cavaliers winning the top pick in three of the last four years is ..007426%. Essentially, jesus wears wine and gold on lottery night. The chances of LeBron James also seemed slim, but as Tuesday night revealed, anything can happen.

While David Griffin slyly shook hands with a dejected Julius Erving, the Sixers brass sat with bottles of Corona Light in their hands and satisfied smiles on their faces. Philadelphia earned the third and tenth picks in the draft, a solid coup after a season of tank.

New Cleveland GM David Griffin now has the flexibility to change the world of the NBA. He could trade young players for a veteran, and take a player in the draft. As Jeff Phelps of 92.3 Cleveland also noted, the Cavs could even trade Kyrie Irving and push for the playoffs with a veteran and a rookie. The Cavs may well trade the top pick for a veteran like Kevin Love, leaving any pick prediction neutralized with the element of uncertainty. As the draft approaches, the Sixers can rest assured that they have netted one of the big three: Wiggins, Parker, or Embid.

Photo: NBA Talk 24/7

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