As Chip Kelly navigated through all seven rounds of the NFL Draft, he continued to harp the same message: the chances of the Eagles selecting a running back were as slim as DeSean Jackson walking through the door.

However, a team must somehow increase its roster numbers by 33% in time for training camp. With undrafted free agency, the best players hop on, regardless of position. With rookie camp in full swing this weekend, it’s no surprise then that Missouri running back Henry Josey signed on for the ride.

Josey was one of the trending topics following his first three years of college. The back averaged a whopping 7.4 yards per cary heading into the draft process. At 5ft 8in, 194 lbs, Josey knew he would have trouble entering the NFL despite his prolific performance as a Tiger.

Unfortunately, luck seemed to be on the opposing sideline for the promising Josey. The star running back suffered a hideous ACL and MCL tear in 2011—similar to the one fullback Leonard Weaver suffered in 2010—and wasn’t the same afterwards. “He was hurt pretty severely at Missouri,” Gary Glick of Synergy Sports told Philadelphia Sports Nation, “that’s why I think he went undrafted.”

He’s got a shot at the practice squad at least. He’s got real good speed, and a great work ethic to work his way back from a full knee reconstruction.

Glick noted that Josey possess excellent hands, and could be a pass-catching option out of the backfield. If something were to happen to newly acquired running back Darren Sproles, Josey would be the ideal replacement given his playing style.

Obviously Josey is a long-shot to make the Eagles roster. As is the case with many college backs, Josey will face durability issues with his small frame.’s Nolan Nawrocki agrees, noting that Josey has “Limited run strength (not a pile mover), [and] Exposes himself to some violent hits.”

Josey left school early primarily to care for his son and provide for his family, but also to fulfill his dream of NFL football. After bouncing back form a difficult injury, he will finally have his chance. Nawrocki declared that Josey “Is the type you root for, but will have to prove his chops as a receiver and pass protector to stick.”

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