In the time that Roger Goodell has been commissioner of the NFL, we have seen a number of changes. We have seen more drug suspensions. We have seen suspensions over a person’s character. We have even seen suspensions for someone either using a video cam at practice, or attempting to knock an opposing player off of his line. In the old days, moves such as that might have been called “gamesmanship” Now, in today’s “info now, all the time, 24 hrs a day, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, hope nobody gets the story before me” world, we are now not only given the story, but we are given so much more. We are given details. And, it’s details that truly make the story.
But, in the wake of two league incidents, we are just being handed crumbs, then being looked at askance as if we are Oliver Twist asking for more. The incidents I speak of, undoubtedly, are concerning Colts owner Jim Irsay and former Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson.
Let’s deal with the Colts owner first. This is what we know. He was caught driving extremely slow in a neighborhood. He had prescription drugs, for which he had no prescription. And, he had over $29,000 in cash in garbage bags on his person at the time of his arrest. These are the facts. What we aren’t getting is the story. We aren’t getting Irsay’s side. We aren’t getting any of the league insider’s sources, saying this or that. And, we certainly have not yet heard from Goodell on this issue. The league’s attempt to distract all of us, in my opinion, becomes glaringly transparent here. Irsay has a problem. Ok, I can deal with that. But, the fact that Irsay, for all intents and purposes, is Goodell’s boss, well, of course Goodell has not yet come out, issuing an immeadiate suspension. It’s tantamount to treason. I mean, someone gets put in a position of power by the wealthy men’s club; we certainly cannot have that person, in power, suspending anyone from that club, can we?
But, look at this issue from a player’s perspective. If it were from a player, and insert your favorite player’s name here, Goodell would have already immeadiately suspended that individual from all league activities. He would have done so before doing his due dilligence. Why is that? It’s certainly a question the Player’s Association had during the last CBA, but, somehow, went unanswered. It’s time for Goodell, in this case, to put everyone on an equal playing field (no pun intended), and swing his hammer of justice equally!
Now, to the Eagles and Jackson. Again, no “real” info coming from the team. When any team in the league outright cuts a player of Jackson’s stature, there are usually several concrete underlying reasons that accompany it. Take something along the lines of “Carolina cuts WR Steve Smith”. Why did they do that? Well, Carolina GM Marty Hurney wasn’t a fan of Smith. He thought he was a locker room distraction, today’s “buzzword” amongst NFL teams. And, when it was put out there that if no trade partner could be found, the team would simply cut him, well, all everyone had to do was wait.
The same sort of thing happened with Jackson. And why? Because of a report on that said Jackson had gang ties? Do the Eagles not have security people on staff that can investigate this, or, were they simply lazy and used this report as a crutch? I don’t know what sort of person he was in the locker room. I’ve never covered an Eagles game. But I did cover a Cal game once when he was still there. It was a bowl game, that Cal won. And Jackson was nothing but cordial with everyone that day, despite him being suspended for the start of the game for missing a curfew.
I don’t know what the reasons were for cutting Jackson. Does this article make it sound as if I am a Jackson homer? If it does, so be it. He’s my favorite player in the league. It’s just the fact that the league can leak the news it wants, then close ranks on other times is what’s baffling me today. They’ve got absolutely no problem saying the 49ers Aldon Smith showed up at an airport, claiming to have a bomb. They’ve got no problem branding former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis a murderer. Yet somehow, nobody is saying what made the Eagles flat out cut a Pro Bowl caliber player.
All the more reason we should pay more attention to the man behind the curtain.

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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