Each year the NFL obtains absurdly high television ratings as civilians tune in to see men in suits analyzing a simplified spreadsheet. The Easter of the NFL calendar: the releasing of he schedule. Radio personalities and writers alike will try and make a useful point out of when a matchup is held, and if the extra degree of temperature caused by the scheduling will give their team a victory.

Viewing the Eagles schedule, one can see that few matchups this year will be cakewalks. The only one comes in the form of a season opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This Jaguar team will look very different after the 2014 NFL Draft, but it’s fair to say that the Eagles should claim victory. The Eagles then head to Indianapolis for a Monday night showdown with the Colts. The game is sure to be a shootout, with Andrew Luck and Nick Foles taking aim at two average defenses. The game is sure to be a toss up, where the team with the final possession could well take the game. On a short week, the Eagles then trek back home to  host a certain troublemaker. DeSean Jackson and the Redskins come to Philadelphia for a 1:00 PM kickoff; surprisingly, the NFL did not schedule Jackson’s return for a primetime spotlight, even tough the game is sure to attract a slur of media hype in the preceding week. The Eagles then prepare for a heavyweight tilt with NFC finalist San Francisco, and travel out west for a 4:25 PM kickoff. These two games are also a toss up, though the 49ers could trouble the Eagle offense mightily.

The next quarter of the season takes the Eagles to some of the most difficult arenas in football. Weeks five and six serve as a cozy homestand for the Eagles, as the Rams and Giants come to town. A rising defense puts the Eagles offense on a bit of an of day, but the team wins the game with average scoring and an east day for the defense. A Sunday night fight with the Giants becomes a slugfest, and the Giants likely whittle out a New York Giant win. Week seven serves as a bitter bye week following the loss, but the team will likely burst out in Arizona. University of Phoenix Stadium has haunted the Eagles in the past, including the infamous Michael Vick fumble at the goal line and the 2008 Championship loss. However, the Eagles soar bast the Cardinals fresh off of the bye week. Reliant Stadium is another difficult atmosphere for the visiting Eagles, who will be on their second away flight in two weeks, but a weak Houston team gives the game away, as the Texan quarterback(whomever he may be) will turn the ball over in an attempt to catch the Eagle offense.

The third quarter of the year is another session in the execution ring, as the Eagles face three teams a combined one game out of the playoffs last year. Carolina again visits the Eagles on Monday Night Football, a repeat of the mundane 2012 matchup when the Eagles were out of contention. Like the Indianapolis game, this showdown turns into another high-scoring affair. On another short week, the team visits Green Bay for their third stop on their stadium expo. The Packers likely have Aaron Rogers at quarterback, and the Eagles may well get burned by the gunslinging passer. Likely the second of two layups is a matchup at home against the Titans, and the game becomes a breeze for the Eagles. Likely the biggest regular season game since the playoff-like battle in Dallas, a Thanksgiving matchup in Texas could well turn into a classic. This fistfight could go a long way to cementing the Eagles defense as a force to be reckoned with.  A memorable clash sets up a huge final four games.

The toughest opponent comes to the Linc for a Fox Game of the Week tilt, as the champion Seahawks arrive to give the Eagles all they can handle. The game could turn into a Seattle showoff, but the Eagles won’t allow the champions to walk away from the Linc without a few scars and bruises. The Eagles then play Dallas on a Sunday night game, then have Washington at FedEx Field. The first 16 games set up a possible Sunday night ultimatum at home against the Giants, a game that could award the division title.

A proper disclaimer would state that these predictions come before the NFL Draft, training camps, preseason games, and injuries. A predicted 10-6 repeat could prove to be completely wrong or absolutely right. The final result will likely defy most people’s predictions, and will surely buckle fans in for another wild ride.


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