If recent reports are true, then Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman is risking a giant flop to make a big splash. Roseman, aware of Chip Kelly’s success employing former Oregon Duck Dion Jordan, hopes to emulate this pass-rushing punch in Philadelphia.

Reporter Bob Grotz stated Thursday that the Philadelphia Eagles have contacted executives from the Miami Dolphins regarding Dion Jordan. Grotz declared that the Eagles offered a second-round pick and defensive end Brandon Graham for Jordan. Miami would likely accept the offer if the Eagles sent their first overall selection instead of the second. Adam Caplan initially told Philadelphia Sports Nation that “Brandon Graham’s days [were] numbered,” during a free agency preview.

Jordan, who averaged 6.25 sacks in his final two years at Oregon, had a dismal season in South Beach. The rookie only notched 2.0 sacks in 2013, and a mere 19 total tackles for the Dolphins.

Miami, in their second season of running a 4-3 defense, tried to use hybrid formations to use Jordan as more of an edge rusher. Jordan was forced to play as a cover linebacker, and couldn’t solely focus on his biggest strength: rushing the passer. The situation illustrates the Dolphins fitting a square-cut emerald stone in a rounded ring. If Jordan moved to Philadelphia, said stone would fit snugly into the rectangular mounting.

Jordan, the prized jewel of Chip Kelly’s Oregon defenses, could play as an edge rusher without worrying about coverage. He would no longer have to deal with athletic tight ends running across the middle. Connor Barwin would serve a more versatile role, as he has proven he can make crucial plays in coverage: fans recall Barwin’s acrobatic pass deflection on a critical 4th down play against Dallas. Coupled with Barwin’s 6ft 4in height, Jordan’s length(6ft 6in) will make it difficult for opposing quarterbacks to find passing lanes.

Additionally, moving a player like Brandon Graham would pose a negligible loss in production. Graham has done little since being taken 13th overall in the 2010 NFL Draft. Graham has moved towards the bottom of the depth chart, and wouldn’t cause much of a stir if lost.

Chip Kelly has already stated that, had the Dolphins taken tackle Lane Johnson in the 2013 Draft, he would have selected Jordan. To trade a pick twenty spots back and a player scarce for snaps in exchange would prove to be the steal of the draft. After the acquisition of Darren Sproles, this move would prove a perfect encore.

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