On Wednesday, reports circled that Evan Mathis has not become a clown. Yes, the guard has taken up comedy after his solid play on a solid offensive line. Lined up alongside Pro Bowl tackle Jason Peters, Mathis was able to survive even when he made a mistake on a play(which was an infrequent occurrence).

Mathis and his agent have reportedly asked for a contract extension following his All-Pro season. The aging guard signed a five-year, $25 million contract in March of 2012, and according to Eagles Cap is due a base salary of $5 million this coming season. The Eagles have reportedly tried to trade Mathis, and would take a third-round pick in return for the lineman.

This past season was one of the first times the Eagles had their full line in recent memory. Due to injuries and poor play, the line has shuffled multiple times in the past few years. Mathis, who poses a $6 million cap hit for the Eagles, has been a stone wall on the offensive line since nearly all of his line mates suffered injury in 2012.

Unlike DeSean Jackson, Evan Mathis can indeed be traded away to another team. Mathis poses half the cap hit that Jackson does, and can play for at least another two years due to the nature of his position. It is conceivable that a draft day trade occurs in the first round, allowing the Eagles to possible trade up to 15 or 16. This would allow them to take Alabama safety Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix, should he fall a few spots from his projected perch. The picks in question belong to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys, both of whom are in chronic need of offensive line help.

Mathis’ situation is fluid and ever-changing. While it may not present the drama that Jackson’s issue is, this debate may ultimately end in a bon voyage of a solid player. If Evan Mathis is traded for the rights to select Clinton-Dix, the team, media, and fans of Philadelphia will thank the heavens. The only thing remaining in memory will be that obscure summer day two years ago when Mathis picked up a pen at the NovaCare.

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