In a twenty-four hour span, Eagles’ general manager Howie Roseman brought Chip Kelly’s band back together. The veteran guitarist, performing at a prolific level, has been taken care of. The trumpeter who reached a new level of effectiveness is here to stay. The drummer, keeping the band intact during “concerts” is tied for life. The band, which soared to new heights in 2013, will be back jamming out in 2014 and beyond.

From Thursday evening to Friday morning, the Eagles rewarded their own. On Thursday, Philadelphia announced that they signed left tackle Jason Peters to a 4-year, $41.3 million contract. Peters is set to earn 19.55 million guaranteed, and will be under contract to age 36. After missing the entire 2012 season, Peters battled back to form and made the Pro Bowl four of his five Eagles seasons thus far. Peters stated that he would “like to retire an Eagle.”

Following suit, the Eagles locked up 2013 breakout Riley Cooper. Cooper became a security blanket for Nick Foles this past year, and scored eight touchdowns(including the first score in the playoff game against New Orleans). Cooper, who stirred controversy when he drunkenly used racist language at a concert, resurrected the difficult start to recording an emergence this season. The Eagles agreed on a 5-year, $25M deal with Riley Cooper, who will likely take the security role from Jason Avant, who is expected to leave this offseason.

Lastly, the Eagles took care of their “bearded one.” Howie Roseman signed center Jason Kelce for seven years, making him one of the five highest centers in the league($37.5 million). Kelce is the first, and likely last, of the 2011 draftees to sign an extension. Kelce had a year left on his current deal, and could have tested the free agent market next year. Kelce admitted that “[He] has enough money,” and that signing for seven years is a sign that he wants to win a Super Bowl in Philadelphia.

With Jeremy Maclin lined up next, Roseman has work to do. Reports claim that Maclin wants a one year deal in order to earn a larger contract next year, while the Eagles want a full-blown multi-year contract. It appears that Maclin and the Eagles will agree to a two-year “show me” contract that will net Maclin more than the one-year deal would have. These moves, which may inhibit future cap situations, ensure that the team continues the chemistry built up in 2013 for future years.

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