In the past few days, campaigns of “beat Dallas” and “we want Dallas” have filled social media streams, talk shows, and media alike. Fans have declared cavalier predictions of 38-13, 41-17, and even 54-11.

However, fans must hit the break pedal before writing off a divisional rival. A rival who beat these Eagles two months ago. A rival who seemingly found Nick Foles’ kryptonite when no other team could.

The fact of the matter is that Dallas has a great deal at stake. Head coach Jason Garrett is coaching for his job, whether Jerry Jones admits it or not. The game may well be Monte Kiffin’s last hurrah, and one can bet he’ll have a unique gameplan prepared.

Even without Tony Romo, Sean Lee, and a competent owner, the Cowboys are dangerous. The best thing the Eagles can do is score early and often . If Kyle Orton throws over 30 times, the Eagles will win. Stay tuned

Photo: Matt Rourke/AP

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