Here’s hoping everyone has had a pleasant holiday season. As I write this post from the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas, the talk has quickly turned from Navy and Middle Tennessee State to Tony Romo being placed on IR with the injured back.
Now, I don’t need to remind anyone out there of what happened earlier. The Eagles were scheduled to play a team that was missing its top 2 running backs. Their quarterback position was in disarray. And the Eagles were hot, riding a winning streak. And what happened? Quite literally, the Eagles laid an egg. And it took a tremendous comeback by Green Bay and another brain cramp by Romo to keep the Eagles in first place.
Now, the Eagles find themselves in a similar position. They are on the road, playing a team, with their starter officially out. Except now, this game means so much more. It means a return to the playoffs. It means a division title. It means hosting a playoff game. It means putting last season officially to bed.
But, for the Eagles, again, the danger here is looking ahead. Coach Chip Kelly said after last week’s win that his team fights. That you tell him where and when, and his team will show up to fight. If the Eagles pull a “Minnesota” here, the season is over. What might have been will just be a pipe dream. That’s why this weekend is so critical. It’s been flexed into prime time, where it belongs.
The Eagles have figured this offense out, behind Nick Foles. I have advocated Foles from earlier in the season. That has come to pass. The loss of Jeremy Maclin does not seem to have affected the passing game, but, wow, can you imagine if here were in the mix?
The Cowboys will be without Romo. They will be without linebacker Sean Lee. That doesn’t mean they will just roll over, and call it quits. The Eagles need to start off fast, just as they did against Chicago. Give them a heavy dose of LeSean McCoy. Give them Brent Celek, Zack Ertz, Riley Cooper, DeSean Jackson, and Foles. Turn the defense loose. Unleash Trent Cole, Mychael Kendrick’s, and Fletcher Cox. Hit them hard. Hit them often. Remember for sixty minutes what is at stake in this game.
Just……….don’t……look…….ahead. Not now. Win, Eagles. Reclaim the division. Return to the playoffs, and show the NFC what Eagles football is all about. Just……..don’t…….look……..ahead.
Because here, from behind enemy lines, despite the losses their team has suffered, they are making plans for the playoffs.
I usually end my posts with Fly Eagles, Fly. Today, it will be a bit different…………

Don’t. Look. Ahead.

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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