Three years ago, the Eagles appeared to be living a cinderella tale. In week 15 of the 2010 season, Philadelphia mounted a 21-point comeback against the Giants, capped off by DeSean Jackson’s magic carpet-like punt return. The Goldilocks tale seemed complete: everything was just right. That is, until the Minnesota Vikings pulled up to the Linc.

In this game, the lowly Vikings–led by one-hit wonder Joe Webb–ran a read option-based offense throughout. The Eagles’ defense was appeared as flat as an opened bottle of soda. The Eagles would lose the game 24-14, ultimately trapping them in Rapunzel’s tower, never to see the postseason again for two long years.

Sunday afternoon was similar to the event listed above. The (formerly) 3-9-1 Vikings routed the Eagles 30-48. Journeyman Matt Cassel tore through a banged-up and exposed secondary. The offensive line epitomized mediocrity, leaving little room for LeSean McCoy to run through. The Vikings took McCoy straight out of the game, putting the Eagles on the back foot and forcing them to move through the air.

Ultimately, the Eagles finished the 2010 season with a rest game against the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles may face the same situation in two weeks, should the Cowboy lose and the Eagles win next Sunday. “We’re on a weekly schedule and we’ve got to get ready for the Bears now. We can’t let a loss to the Vikings affect us for two weeks,” head coach Chip Kelly said in his day-after press conference.  Should the Cowboys win, however, the Eagles would have to win in Dallas regardless of the game against Chicago. Presented with the option of resting players against the Bears, Kelly appeared disgusted. “We have to get back on a winning track,” he added.

The fact that the Cowboys blew a 20-point lead makes this Eagles loss less of a pinch to take. The team is still one game ahead of Dallas, and they have a chance to clinch Sunday night. No matter the situation, the Eagles must win, and leave this loss behind them. In February, this loss ma seem ages prior.

Photo: Star Tribune

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