For two straight games, the high-flying Eagle offense has seemingly turned off the ignition once the second half began. Leads of 24 and 17 were whittled away until only a sliver of space remained. While the defense ultimately sealed both victories, Chip Kelly will need to ensure his offense doesn’t stall at halftime.

Each time in the second half. the Eagles have attempted to run the football from the shotgun, LeSean McCoy has taken centuries to pick a hole. Because McCoy-and Bryce Brown, for that matter-must start motionless when in the ‘gun, there is no direct lane to follow once securing the handoff. This results in McCoy tap- dancing in the backfield, and Bryce Brown making a right-angled cut to the outside.

Another thing Kelly must stay away from is pulling and sparing players. Often times DeSean Jackson has been pulled, and LeSean McCoy rested. This makes life easier on the defense, and stalls production. Without the vertical threat of Jackson, the offense is slowed and loses the long threat.

Against good teams, the Eagles can’t watch their leads dwindle. As December progresses, the Eagles must capitalize on every opportunity for January football.


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