On a bright, sunny day in Philadelphia, the Eagles kept the holiday spirit going, by giving the home town crowd plenty to be thankful for in their 24-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals. The win pushed the Eagles to 7-5, tied with the Cowboys for the lead in the NFC East, and kept their 2013 playoff hopes alive as they head into the final month of the regular season.
What was different about this game for the Eagles? For starters, it was converting an early Cardinals turnover into a touchdown, courtesy of Nick Foles to Zack Ertz. Second, it was forcing 3 Cardinals turnovers, and the Eagles not committing any turnovers of their own. And finally, there was just a little “something extra” the Eagles brought to the game yesterday, as if, they knew what all was at stake. Now, sure…….we’ve all seen the video they posted. Guys just having fun, right? But, it also shows that this team, while under intense pressure now to make the playoffs, shows that not only are they handling said pressure, they are thriving under it.
Don’t believe me? Look at the final box stats from the game. Statistically, it was an even game. Everything from rushing to passing to time of possession is virtually even. But, throw in those three Cardinals turnovers, and add five sacks of Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer, the game clearly shows the Eagles understand what is at stake, and that their destiny is in their hands. The starting quarterback, long a subject of debate from Week 1, has now been answered and put to rest. And, with each game, the offense grows more confident in Foles’ ability to lead them on the field. More confidence equals cleaner drives. Cleaner drives equal drives that end in touchdowns more than they end in field goals. And, bottom line, that means wins.
Now, look ahead to Sunday. The Lions come to town, sporting an identical 7-5 record as the Eagles. Last year’s game against Detroit was a disaster. Let’s not even think about that one. Detroit had a great game Thursday. They will come in with extra rest. But, Arizona had a great game the week before, and the Eagles took care of that. Don’t worry about what the Cowboys are doing with the Bears this Sunday. Handle Detroit first, then, watch the scoreboards. Arizona came in with a formidable duo of receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. Wasn’t Fitzgerald ridiculous on that 3rd-and-20 catch he made? But, Detroit’s primary weapon is, as we all know, Calvin Johnson. And, you can’t stop him. He’s going to get his. He’s just that good. The key is to limit the other players on this Detroit team, and to hassle Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford in the same manner you hassled Palmer. Detroit leads their division, and a win here would boost the team’s confidence that, not only can they be considered a play-off team, but that they can make some noise in the playoffs as well.
Four more weeks to see who the division champion will be. Who’s going to blink first? It’s going to be a great final month of the season, Eagles fans!
FLY EAGLES, FLY!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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