By the time this article hits the postings, I will have had plenty of time to stew over the home loss to KC. I will have had plenty of time to keep seeing the Eagles O-line repeatedly get torched by the Chiefs front line. I will have had plenty of time to see a scrub receiver like Donnie Avery, who’s most noteworthy accomplishment so far in his football career, was when he broke his leg against an end zone cart, while still in college, look like an All-Pro. And, I will have had time to think……..what might have been had Andy Reid been allowed to stay in Philadelphia. I mean, he’s sitting 4-0 right now, with a team that was absolutely putrid last season.
But, I have to put all of that aside. I have to put aside seeing Donovan McNabb’s number retired, and sitting next to Reggie White’s #92. I have to put the sentimental aside, because, right now, my hand is squarely over the panic button for this season. A season that began with such promise, such hope, and such fanfare, only to be slowed down in the second half of Week 1, and, one that has never seemed to have re-gained the fire they had out of the gate that night in Washington.
And I, for one, just don’t understand it. Yes, I know…..other teams have film and they make adjustments. But, even so, against the Chargers, it did not seem as if the team had the same zip they had against Washington, and certainly not against Kansas City. They just, as a team, seemed flat, and out of sync.
Which was not a good recipe headed into Denver. I thought this could be close. I thought this could be a shootout. I thought the Eagles would play tough, and show some heart against a team that very well could be headed to the Super Bowl. And, as it turns out, I was wrong, on all counts.
The Eagles kept it close. But, at 7-3, when Trindon Holliday took that kick-off 105 yards back for a touchdown, that seemed to be the catalyst that everyone in green and white seemed to lick the stamp, seal the envelope, and mail it in. Another Alex Henery FG, combined with a Chris Polk TD made it 14-13, but, again, that was about it.
The half-time score read Denver 21, Philadelphia 13. It wasn’t even that close. It was basically the beginning of a 38-0 Denver run, in which the team showed absolutely no heart, no drive, and no desire to try and stop the Broncos. And, there was actually a time when I said out loud “I don’t care about what the final score is going to be……just put up a fight…….show some pride”. But, my plea seemingly fell on deaf ears.
I get Denver has a lot of weapons. But, not everyone has to be that wide open, all the time (see also: Royal, Eddie; Avery, Donnie). Not every running back has to have that kind of running room, and not every quarterback should have enough time to eat a sandwich before deciding to throw the ball.
I miss the old days of hardcore Eagles defense. They hit you right up to the whistle, and, in many cases, after. But, with the league legislating defense out of football, I can see where it has faded away. But still, does it have to be this porous? And remember: Castillo isn’t around this time to lay all of the defensive problems at his feet.
So, what lies ahead? At the NY Giants, a truly desperate team right now. And at the Buccaneers; a team desperate enough to bench its starting quarterback to go with an unproven rookie. Winnable games, to be sure. Get both of those, and you’re even heading back home to face Dallas.
The NFC East isn’t going to be won by a 12 or 13 win team. It’s going to be ugly, it’s going to be dirty, it’s going to be…….well, the NFC East. The season is not over. But, here, at the quarter-turn…….you can begin to see the finish line. And only those with heart and desire will be allowed to play into January.

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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