It’s a Thursday, and by now, the entire city of Philadelphia will be buzzing over the return of COach Andy Reid. He brings his new team, the KC Chiefs, in to the Linc tonight, hoping to go 3-0 against his former team. Add to that the sidebar drama of Brian Dawkins speaking, and the team retiring the number 5 of former quarterback Donovan McNabb, and it makes for a pretty eventful evening.
Of course the Chiefs are going to want to win this game for Andy Reid. That’s the normal sentiment, really, amongst teams. Their “new” coach was fired by a place the previous season, and they take it upon themselves to get some sort of measure of revenge for their coach. Personnaly, I don’t believe Coach Reid is loking for that, but, I understand the sentiment.
But, the Eagles, coming off a draining 33-30 loss to San Diego, just four days ago, have to do something a little different this time in a Chip Kelly offense. Stop wasting motion. There. I said it. I mean, it would be easy to say that the team lost Sunday because of LeSean McCoy only getting to rush eleven times. I get it. And, it’d be easy to say Coach Kelly’s clock management late in the game left too much time for the CHarger offense to do it’s thing, not to mention being helped by an almost phantom penalty against DeSean Jackson. Again, I get all of that as well.
What I am talking about, in regards to wasted motion, is this: the Eagles had the ball for 23 plays in the first half, resulting in no points, on 4 drives. Go back to Week 1. How many points did the Eagles have after 23 plays were in the books? How much motion did they waste? None! They attacked most of the time, until Kelly called off the pressure, which almost cost him in the end.
Two drives in the second half SUnday by the Chargers took away almost 13 minutes from the clock. The Eagles defense cannot let the Chiefs do the same tonight. They already know that Jamaal Charles will get the ball. They already know they will throw to Dwayne Bowe. Cover those guys well, and pressure Alex Smith. Pressure him the way you pressured RGIII in Week 1. And, honestly, there were times when RGIII was picking himself up slowly off the turf, and you were just waiting for him to call it a night.
Yes, the game has its underlying factors and back-stories tonight. But, the bottom line is this: they are on the road for three weeks after tonight, with stops at Denver, NY Giants, and Tampa Bay. To begin that kind of road trip sitting 1-2 would be disheartening, to say the least. Just take care of the Chiefs tonight. The other ancillary stuff? It will all take care of itself.

Fly, Eagles…..Fly!!!!!!!!

Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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