Michael Vick has more than enough reasons to thank Coach Kelly of the Eagles team for his latest decision this season. Vick’s inclusion in the team as a replacement to Nick Foles has given him another opportunity to gain back his reputation. On the breaking of the news to Vick, his reply of “Thank you, I appreciate it” was more or less expected. He will be placed as the “starting quarterback” this season. He assured the Coach of his full contribution by adding, “I won’t let you down”. This is the second time Vick has been rescued by the coaches in his career. Few years back, the then Eagles’ Coach Andy Reid had similarly brought Vick back to the field after being released from prison in the year 2009. Reid had given him a chance in the NFL and Kelly is once again helping him get back into the field.

Why Vick?

Vick’s underperformance had put his career in the back foot but Kelly’s decision of choosing him has given him the required push. The Coach having viewed his previous performance on tapes sensed his positivity, overlooking his faults. His reason for picking Vick was to select a quarterback who would match his requirements of “new offense” to “speed downfield”. Kelly feels that Vick is the most suitable person worthy of the risk.

New Strategy:

Vick was determined not to disappoint Kelly, the man who made him rise from the ashes. It was Vick’s perseverance that gave him this opportunity that most of us can only dream of. His renewed enthuse was evident post the announcement. He discussed about displaying consistency through his performance on a regular basis and working even harder to reach newer levels and fighting it out to win the battles.

The Rescue:

Coach Kelly has in real terms “rescued” Vick. He is one of the very few sportspersons who has received more opportunities than they can ever imagine. Vick had to undergo a bad phase with imprisonment in 2007 followed by Reid’s decision to include him for NFL in 2009. While 2010 saw him rise as the “best player”, the next two seasons only gave him disappointment.

Vick has received another chance to place himself in the map and live up to the expectations of Eagles. The team has placed offense with lots of running and no huddles for Vick to follow. This is well-suited for Vick’s Style and will offer him the position of the next “Starting Quarterback” in Kelly’s pack!

Vick’s Enthusiasm:

Vick further said, “I’m just going to continue to work harder”.”That’s why I’m going to go in and do 500, 600 sit-ups, 500, 600 pushups and I’m going to run on that treadmill until I can’t run anymore.”

It can be said that Tuesday was one of the most memorable days for Vick. His over-enthusiasm and happiness was revealed through his mind to keep himself fit this season. He seemed equally willing to perform 500-600 pushups publicly for Chip Kelly as a token of gratitude


Written by Alisa Martin

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