A win is a win. That said, ominous ghosts of 2012 haunted the playing field Saturday night in Jacksonville.

The Philadelphia Eagles squeaked put a victory Saturday against the Jaguars. Philadelphia drove down the field late in the game to score.

The first-team rode a roller coaster of ups and downs. Michael Vick finished with a touchdown and one interception. The defense blew coverage on a few hefty passing plays. However, Connor Barwin manufactured a tip and interception with sheer athleticism. The starters entered the halftime locker room knowing many corrections were needed before September 9th.

The second and third-teams faired well. Nick Foles led a 99-yard drive to win the game; the second stringer operated with a plethora of runs and passes. The defense held the fort, allowing a mere seven points in the second half.

The team must eliminate memory of this game. Detailed practice can cure the plague the team felt in Jacksonville. Only two weeks remain until opening night. Stay tuned.

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