“Do your job!” This line was trademarked by new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley. Bradley, a former defensive coordinator in Seattle, was hired by Jacksonville in mid-January. However, Bradley’s name is entrenched into the heart of Philadelphia football, either as a hero, or a goat.

The night before Chip Kelly was announced as Eagles’ head coach, owner Jeff Lurie sat and dined with Gus Bradley. Contact negotiations were near commencement, with a deal seeming imminent. The Philadelphia Sports world pinned all eyes on Mr. Bradley’s neighborhood; stations used helicopters to long-distance camera to track the Seattle coordinator.

One phone call, likely from the circle of chip Kelly, changed everything.

Jeff Lurie told Gus Bradley that the Eagles were no longer interested. At noon the next day, the Eagles formally announced that Chip Kelly would become their next head coach. Fast forward seven months, and the pair that became aligned in fate will cross paths again. On Saturday night, the Eagles and Jaguars will face off. While the stakes are low, the coaches will be in the limelight.

In three years time, Jeff Lurie may be subject to chronic praise or a plague of criticism. Tonight marks the beginning of the battle of the “young guns” of the coaching world. Only rime will tell who wins the war. Round one begins tonight.

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