“Michael Vick is going to start for us against the Washington Redskins. He’s our starter for the season.”

Like a flash of lightning, the controversy has vanished. After Thursday night’s second leg of the quarterback race, Michael Vick perched above competitor Nick Foles. Foles held his own, completing six of eight passes for 53 yards. His improved mobility uncloaked itself when Foles rushed into the end zone. Foles has a great deal to boast over after two impressive performances.

I think Mike is ahead right now and I think Nick [Foles] made it very difficult though,” Kelly said. “It wasn’t where one guy went North and the other guy went South. I think both of them upped their game but at this point in time, Mike’s ahead and we want to move forward.

On judgement day, Michael Vick’s talents gleamed with a twinkle. A former number-one pick, Vick has finally found his place in an offense. Chip Kelly is tapping into the strengths that made Vick the poster child of Madden NFL: speed. Surrounded by the same speed in LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, Vick will feel right at home.

Only time will tell if Vick continues his streak of health and success. Thankfully, the Eagles are protected as long as Foles remains on the roster. It will be intriguing to see how Vck performs without the added pressure. Stay tuned.

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