“I’ll tell you what, when I looked at the Eagles’ rookie free-agent acquisitions, the first guy I saw was Damion Square, and I said that’s a great priority free-agent signing.”

Defensive lineman Damion Square obtained approbations even before taking an NFL snap. The AFC scout who made this statement also noted that “the kid plays his a** off.”

After leaving the historic Alabama Crimson Tide, Square hoped to find a home on draft day. He would eventually fall out of the seventh round, and search for employment as an undrafted free agent. Eventually, new Eagles defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro, who had observed Square in college, lobbied for the signing.

Fast forward over two months, and Square is turning heads with every passing practice and game. Coaches. scouts. and fans alike have invested intrigue in the “Crimson Motor.” Adam Caplan touted high praise for Square:

Damion Square is a guy that I think has been the biggest surprise to me. He had a draftable grade by a lot of teams. He’s a little bit older, he’s 24. But he’s a guy, that I think is going to make the team. If he really performs well in the preseason, they may keep seven defensive linemen. I think they’ll keep six right now, but I think Square will make it interesting. I think Square’s got a realistic chance to make the team.

Both Square and third-round pick Bennie Logan cracked the first-team rotation Thursday night. They engraved their presence into the game, combining for there tackles in their limited snap counts. Should he continue his performance, Square could wind up earning key snaps in the regular season, both at nose tackle or end.

As the preseason plays out, Damion Square will continue to get snaps. One thing id certain: line coach Jerry Azzinaro has given his vote of confidence: “He’s a good player. He understands what it takes to be good.”

“Photo: AL.com


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