One thing owner Jeff Lurie is heralded for is his ability grow investments. Forbes went about measuring this in their.NFL franchise valuations.

Forbes released its’ NFLA Team Valuation Rankings, placing the Philadelphia Eagles at a monotonous 7th. The Eagles. According to Forbes, the Eagles are valued at $1.34 billion. According to the survey, the team earned $306 million in revenue last year. Forbes writes, “The Eagles are investing $125 million in private money to renovate Lincoln Financial Field over the next two seasons.”

To none’s surprise, Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable NFL team at $2.3 billion. The Washington Redskins and New York Giants also place above the Eagles at three and four, respectively. It is possible that an empty second half derailed the 2012 revenue to a degree. In contrast, the Eagles’ three division rivals played meaningful football through to the final whistle of the regular season.

Nevertheless, the “Chip Kelly experience” will undoubtedly spike the $306 million revenue to an even more monstrous number, at least to the average working citizen. Such is finance in professional sport, where it seems money grows on shrubbery outside of stadiums.

Photo: Lehigh Valley Live

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